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Academic Year

SKKU academic year (here-in referred to as AY) starts on March 1 and spans 1 year until the last day of February of the following year : e.g. AY 2018 starts on March 1, 2018 and continues up until the last day of February 2019.



Academic Semester

SKKU&rsquos academic year is divided into two academic semesters, the first semester (spring and summer) and the second semester (fall and winter). SKKU defines the spring and fall semesters as the normal semester when regular academic coursework is offered, while the summer and winter semesters are often referred to as vacations or breaks where special or customized programs usually become available.

Regular semesters and vacation periods usually last for 16 weeks and 10 weeks, respectively.



Academic Calendar

The table below shows the academic calendar of AY 2018 which is by and large similar with each year’s calendar. SKKU is not likely to significantly change the calendar every year; therefore the reader of this handbook is advised to assume the following year’s AY calendar would be similar in terms of period, starting date and due date.

However, this does not exempt each individual’s responsibility to make efforts to find the latest and up-to-date calendar as it is subject to change without prior notice.

Academic Calendar
Schedule Semester
Spring Fall
First Day of Semester 3.1(Thu) 9.1(Sat)
Instruction Begins 3.2(Fri) 9.3(Mon)
1st Installment of Tuition Deferred Payment Plan for Students who applied for two or four equal payments 3.2(Fri)~3.5(Mon) 8.31(Fri)~9.3(Mon)
Early Graduation Request for Undergraduate Students & Combined Master and Ph.D. Degree Program Students/ Withdrawal Request of Combined Master and Ph.D. Degree Program 3.2(Fri)~3.7(Wed) 9.3(Mon)~9.6(Thu)
Course 'ADD & DROP' Period 3.2(Fri)~3.8(Thu) 9.3(Mon)~9.7(Fri)
Application for Taking Examination (or Exemption Request) for Thesis Submission Qualification for Graduate Students 3.5(Mon)~3.8(Thu) 9.4(Tue)~9.7(Fri)
Additional Registration for Spring/ Fall Semester 3.7(Wed)~3.9(Fri) 9.5(Wed)~9.7(Fri)
Credits Withdrawal Request for Undergraduate Students 3.9(Fri)~3.13(Tue) 9.10(Mon)~9.12(Wed)
Applying Credit Withdrawal Grades for Undergraduate Students 3.19(Mon) 9.18(Tue)
Course Withdrawal Application for Undergraduate Students 3.20(Tue)~3.22(Thu) 9.19(Wed)~9.21(Fri)
Course Withdrawal/ Grade Process of Re-taking classes for Undergraduate Students 3.28(Wed) 10.1(Mon)
2nd Installment of Tuition Deferred Payment Plan for Students who applied for four equal payments 4.2(Mon)~4.4(Wed) 10.1(Mon)~10.4(Thu)
Application of Changing Degree for Graduate Students (Master → Combined Master and Ph.D. Degree Program) 4.6(Fri)~4.12(Thu) 10.8(Mon)~10.15(Mon)
Midterm Examination 4.20(Fri)~4.26(Thu) 10.22(Mon)~10.24(Wed)
Midterm Course Evaluation for Spring/ Fall Semester 4.20(Fri)~5.3(Thu) 10.22(Mon)~10.26(Fri)
Final Installment of Tuition Deferred Payment Plan for Students who applied for two equal payments/ 3rd installment of Deferred Payment Plan for Students who applied for four equal payments 4.23(Mon)~4.25(Wed) 10.22(Mon)~11.2(Fri)
Application of Thesis Preliminary/ Actual Evaluation for Graduate Students 4.23(Mon)~4.30(Mon) 10.23(Tue)~10.30(Tue)
Grade Notification of Midterm Examination 4.27(Fri)~5.3(Thu) 10.29(Mon)~11.2(Fri)
Final Installment of Tuition Deferred Payment Plan for Students who applied for four equal payments 5.14(Mon)~5.16(Wed) 11.12(Mon)~11.14(Wed)
Application for Teacher Training - 11.12(Mon)~11.16(Fri)
Application of Scholarship for next semester for Undergraduate Students 5.21(Mon)~7.5(Thu) 11.19(Mon)~2019.1.4(Fri)
Final Course Evaluation 6.1(Fri)~6.14(Thu) 12.3(Mon)~12.14(Fri)
Application of Combined Bachelor and Master Degree Program for Undergraduate Student 6.4(Mon)~6.15(Fri) 12.3(Mon)~12.14(Fri)
Undergraduate Students Graduation Performance Evaluation Submission 6.7(Thu) 12.7(Fri)
Final Examination 6.15(Fri)~6.21(Thu) 12.17(Mon)~12.21(Fri)
Grading Period 6.15(Fri)~6.27(Wed) 12.17(Mon)~12.27(Thu)
Last Day of Semester 6.21(Thu) 12.21(Fri)
Vacation: Summer/ Winter Semester 6.22(Fri)~8.31(Fri) 12.22(Sat)~2019.2.28(Thu)
Summer/ Winter Semester Begins 6.22(Fri) 12.24(Mon)
Grade Notification Period 6.27(Wed)~7.3(Tue) 12.27(Thu)~2019.1.2(Wed)
Deadline of Thesis Evaluation Result Submission for Graduate Students 6.28(Thu) 12.28(Fri)
Deadline of 3-pum Certification Submission for Undergraduate Students 7.2(Mon) 12.31(Mon)
Final Confirmation Period of Grades 7.5(Thu) 1.4(Fri)
Thesis Submission (Online Upload) Deadline for Graduate Students 7.12(Thu) 1.11(Fri)
Application of Double Major for Undergraduate Students 7.16(Mon)~7.20(Fri) 1.15(Tue)~1.21(Mon)
Thesis Submission (Paper Copy) Deadline for Graduate Students 7.19(Thu) 1.18(Fri)
Application of Readmission for next semester 7.23(Mon)~7.27(Fri) 1.21(Mon)~1.25(Fri)
Application of Return to School for next semester 7.23(Mon)~8.3(Fri) 1.21(Mon)~2.1(Fri)
Application of Leave of Absence for next semester 7.30(Mon)~9.7(Fri) 1.28(Mon)~3.8(Fri)
Course Registration for next semester 8.9(Thu)~8.24(Fri) Early Feb. - Late Feb.
Tuition payment period for next semester 8.20(Mon)~8.24(Fri) 2.18(Mon)~2.22(Fri)
Commencement 8.24(Fri) 2.25(Mon)
Application for Tuition Deferred Payment Plan next semester 8.27(Mon)~8.28(Tue) 2.25(Mon)~2.26(Tue)
Last Day of Summer/ Winter Vacation 8.31(Fri) 2.28(Thu)
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Credit Hours

One SKKU credit equals one class hour and two self-study hours per week. For example, in the case of two SKKU credit courses, it requires two class hours and four self-study hours per week, which make 32 contact hours and 64 self-study hours in a semester.
Please note that the given self-study hours are suggested rather than monitored or obligated.

Credit Hours
SKKU Credit Class / Contact Hours Per Semester Self-study Hours Per Semester
1 15 hours or greater 30 hours or greater
2 30 hours or greater 60 hours or greater
3 45 hours or greater 90 hours or greater
4 60 hours or greater 120 hours or greater
5 75 hours or greater 150 hours or greater
6 90 hours or greater 180 hours or greater
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Course Code and Section Number

All academic courses at SKKU can be identified by a unique combination of the course code and section number.

A. Course Code

All academic courses/modules offered by the College of Science have a unique code for easy identification.


  • Course Level

The first digit of the four numbers proceeded by three or four- alphabetic characters in course codes, denotes the expected cohort of attendees of the course, as demonstrated by the table below. Course codes consist of 7 digits with three or four letters and numbers.

Course Level
Code Level of Study Example
CED○2*** Undergraduate : Liberal Arts/ Elective Course GEDG001
◯◯◯2*** Undergraduate : 2nd-3rd year BIO2014
◯◯◯3*** Undergraduate : 3rd-4th year NAT3001
◯◯◯4*** Undergraduates & Master MTH4019
◯◯◯5*** Graduate : Master & PhD PHY5043
◯◯◯6*** Graduate : Master & PhD CHY6003
◯◯◯7*** Undergraduate & Graduate (Master & PhD) TRP7001


  • Department

The English letters of each code represents the department where the course is offered.

Section Number Description
NAT College of Science: Natural Science
BIO Department of Biological Science
MTH Department of Mathematics
PHY Department of Physics
CHY Department of Chemistry
IPC Interdisciplinary Course of Physics and Chemistry
COV SKKU Institute of Convergence
CED University College: General Education

Courses offered by other academic units have different combinations of English letters.



B. Section Number

There can be multiple classes under the same course code and each of these classes can be identified by section number.

Section Number
Section Number Description / Department
NAT A section of a course offered on the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
41, 42, 43 ... A section of a course offered on the Natural Sciences Campus
I1, I2, I3 ... A section of a course offered on the i-Campus
(i-Campus is an virtual platform where online courses are uploaded)