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Something Special

The College of Science makes great effort to develop and provide useful and worthy programs specifically designed for future scientists. At present, there are three programs [Read Science, Lead the World], [Science, Even, Deeper] and [Science Healing Center].

See the table below and the following description for each program.



Read Science, Lead the World

'Read Science, Lead the World' began in 2012 in order to encourage science students to do more liberal arts and humanities reading.


We recommend a list of books that our students are advised to read and the students should submit their book review notes for evaluation. Annually, about one hundred students take part, with the opportunity to grow intellectually by getting interdisciplinary knowledge. The College awards prizes and scholarships to those who write excellent review notes.


This program is offered on a yearly basis, typically from May to November for a duration of 6 months. It is in collaboration with the SKKU Library’s university-wide book reading encouragement program called O-geo-seo (‘five carts of books’ derived from the Chinese classic.).



Science, Even Deeper


With a clear understanding that it is our responsibility to aid students in getting easy access to graduate programs and other opportunities lying in their academic and professional pathway, the College of Science Office organizes a graduate school fair biannually where they are provided with information about the college’s graduate school.


Typically, it consists of a variety of sessions, such as a special lecture series by science faculty members, presentations about science graduate programs, and a roundtable with graduate students, etc. Every April and October anywhere from fifty to one hundred students take part in the occasion and have a chance to gain useful information and exchange thoughts about their future plans with friends, professors, and graduate program officers.



SCI-ZINE : College of Science's Periodical

The College of Science issues a periodical magazine called SCI-ZINE, (a combination of Science and Magazine), biannually. Even if it is written in the Korean language, international students may be able comprehend what our college is doing in order to improve information sharing, and our shareholders’ commitment and participation. The magazine is mailed to all parents of current students of our college, and emailed to all people whom the College of Science engages with - students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.


Please contact us if you want to add yourself to the mailing list.



Science Healing Center

The Science Healing Center is a place where students can get counseling and mentoring from a designated advisor with regard to their future career, study plan, campus life, relationship building, and so on.


It is located on the third floor of Science Building 2, and open to all science major students on a regular basis.