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Graduate -

Graduation Requirements

Degree Major Subject Elective Subject Total GPA
Master Min. 12 Credits Max. 12 Credits Min. 24 Credits 3.0(B)or above
Ph.D. Min. 18 Credits Max. 18 Credits Min. 36 Credits
Combined Master and Ph.D. Min. 30 Credits Max. 21 Credits Min. 51 Credits


  • Enrollment for the semester required for completion
  • "Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1(COV7001)" Course compulsory completion
  • Completion of Safety Education required every semester
  • pass the Examination for Thesis Submission Qualification(Foreign Language)
  • pass the Examination for Thesis Submission Qualification(Major)
  • Pass the Thesis Preliminary Defense (Master submits an alternative form)
  • Pass the Thesis Main Defense