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About Us

Mission & Vision

The curriculum of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is designed in a multi-track format that includes a general track and an employment condition track. It aims to provide academic training for general high-level manpower and customized education to meet the demands of various companies simultaneously. Through a systematic industry-university-research cooperation model and by winning orders for various government-supported projects, we aspire to become a leading department in the software field that offers differentiated support and services to students.



Educational goals

  • To train architect-level global software leaders equipped with original theory and practical skills
  • To foster talent with creative thinking, self-directed learning ability, sense of responsibility, and organizational compatibility
  • To nurture excellent human resources in the software field that can be immediately deployed in the industrial sector
  • To cultivate professionals who can understand and integrate related fields, as well as possess specialized knowledge in their major field



  • Scholarships for excellent grades, academic achievement, national excellence, student success, and other forms of financial support provided according to the scholarship standards set by our university
  • Opportunities for internships at domestic and foreign software companies and overseas training programs in the US, with tuition support
  • Provision of opportunities for industry-university cooperation projects
  • Excellent undergraduate students in their 3rd and 4th year are given the opportunity to enter the laboratory and engage in research activities.