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Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU) College of Economics



Sungkyunkwan University is considered as Korea's top private university that boasts more than six hundred years of academic tradition.


The College of Economics produce talented undergraduate and graduate students armed with economics and statistics knowledge who excel in various areas in both  Korean and global markets. The College of Economics has a unique community of students, alumni and the faculty who are cooperating to push forward the frontiers of education and research to compete with the world's best universities. We are proud of many alumni who work diligently to shape the future of Korea and provide continuous support for the College of Economics through various types of scholarships and fellowships as well as the ‘mentor program’ that connects the students with the alumni.



Recent developments such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis suggest that the future is closer than we might think. Fast-paced changes are always accompanied by greater uncertainties about the future. Our contemplation over the future of college education and the Korean economy will never cease. I believe that the College of Economics at SKKU will stay put on the top as a leading education and research institution in Korea and continue to produce globally competitive graduates who will lead our society in the future.


Sunghyun KIM
Dean, College of Economics