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International Trade (Graduate)

Location 32519, Dasan Hall of Economics Website
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0941
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The Department of International Trade was established in March, 1987 in order to nurture experts on International Business, Commerce & Law. In the Department, students can come up with cutting-edge knowledge in the field to become a practitioner, researcher, consultant, or lecturer.




1. Admission Requirement

Foreign applicants for the department of International Trade shall submit TOPIK level 6 certificate.


2. Facilities

1) Common Facilities

The following rooms are open to all SKKU students

Building Room No. Space Occupancy Type of Use
Dasan Hall of Economics 32421 e+ Compuer Lab (1) 26 PC Room
Dasan Hall of Economics 32423 e+ Compuer Lab (2) 48 PC Room
Toegye Hall of Humanities 31404 e+ Lecture Room 48 Used for lectures only


Building Room No. Space Requirement
Central Library - - Student ID card to enter
Dasan Hall of Economics 32103 Graduate Study-Room  
Toegye Hall of Humanities 31206 Study-Room of Toegye Hall  
Business School 33B105 Undergraduate Study-Hall Student ID card to enter
Business School 33B104 Graduate Study-Hall Student ID card to enter



2) Designated Facilities

The following classroom is open only to students in the department of International Trade

Building Room No.
Toegye Hall of Humanities 31505



3. Exchanges and Partnerships

The Department of International Trade and the International Trade Research Center (ITRC, has a strong international network, formal or informal, with major universities in the world such as University of South Carolina (No.1 Master Program in International Business) in the U.S.A., Waseda University (Department of Commerce) in Japan, Fudan University & Peking University in China, Vietnam National University (Hanoi, Vietnam), University of Indonesia & Gadja Mada University in Indonesia. The DIT and/or ITRC host international seminars or conferences or research projects from time to time with the universities.


For instance,  the DIT has started to discuss with the USC for official student exchange. A recent Ph.D graduate of the DIT (Dr. Soyoung LIM) teaches at the Waseda University. Professor Hongjoo JUNG has served as visiting researcher for years at the Fudan University and attended forum hosted by the Peking University. The ITRC has organized a few K-ASEAN Risk Management Forum in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Min city) and in Vientiane, Laos. Moreover, The ITRC gave birth to the IAFICO ( which has hosted annual international conference in Asia Pacific Region.


Thanks to its long history and huge alumni network, the DIT has also established a profound industry network in Korea to enable share up-to-date knowledge and trend in foreign trade area with professionals and CEOs in the field. The DIT plans to extend its student service by inviting those people to mentor student and/or develop new programs.



4. Scholarships for Students

The SKKU offers affordable tuition and fees to international students, compared with other universityes. And all the domestic DIT students are eligible to apply for full or partial scholarship to waive tuiton and fees, depending upon their academic achievements.


5. Support for Students

  • International students are free to get lingual/administrative help at the college office.
    For other general support (Dorm, Scholarship for the international students, Cultural events, etc.) at university level,  click  <here>
  • The DIT offers an intensive orientation program to new students every semester, and SNS services (the Kakao Talk and the WeChat) are also available to communicate between department chairperson and students.