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Since its foundation in 1398, SKKU has achieved a central role in the Korean education system. Throughout the last 600+ years, SKKU has trained competent individuals who have guarded the university philosophy for being innovative in education, while maintaining the traditional belief in overall moral well-being. Since the joining of the Samsung Group to the university’s foundation in 1996, SKKU has become the fastest growing university in Korea.


In 1965, the College of Science and Engineering was established. A tradition of educational excellence in SKKU has given Korean society an enterprising vision of the future. This is especially visible in the College of Engineering, which has a dual focus of “global competitive strength through education” and as a “research-oriented university on the international level”. To attain these global aims, the College of Engineering has been training students through our “Spirit of Enterprise and Cooperation”. In addition we are cultivating a vibrant world-class research environment.


The curriculum provides hands-on experience about the newest technology Throughout its long history, the departments of the college have been playing a pivotal role in expanding the nation's academic horizons, as well as SKKU's contribution to the advancement and prosperity of global society.


Please feel free to navigate through each department's webpage for more information.



Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Discipline Undergraduate Masters Ph.D. Combined
Chemical Engineering O O O O
Polymer Science and Engineering   O O O
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering O O O O
Mechanical Engineering O O O O
Civil, Architectural and Environmental System Engineering
(Civil, Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture)
Systems Management Engineering
(Industrial Engineering)
Architecture O O O O
Landscape Architecture   O O O
Convergence Engineering for Future City   O O O
Management of Technology (Professional Graduate)   O O  
Water Resources (Professional Graduate)   O O O
Global Entrepreneurship (Special Graduate)   O    
Mechatronics Engineering (Interdisciplinary)   O    
Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management
  O O O
Service Design Convergence
  O O O
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