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Landscape Architecture

For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
ADD5008 Design Theories in Architecture 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
Examines the design principles and design theories in today's architecture. Traces the historical development of the theoretical issues through the studies of the relationship between theory and practice in contemporary architecture.
ADD5012 Traditional Korean Settlements and Dwellings 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
Korean will be examined especially in terms of siting and organization of Korean settlements at the village level, and architectural planning, types of plans and structures, and architectural principles. The course also examines the emergence of the tectonic ideas behind the traditional Korean settlements and dwellings.
ADD5022 Advanced Studieson on Urban Planning 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean Yes
The course introduces a professional planning method of urban space with proper case studies. It especially considers developing the skill of data analysis, programming and implementation methods in urban planning and design.
ADD5023 Environmental Design Ⅰ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
The course is to scientifically analyze human behavior within various environmental settings. With major emphasis on introducing several theories which relate with physical environments and human behavior, a small scale design project will also be provided.
ADD5024 Environmental Design Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean Yes
As an advanced study of Envionmental Design1, the course deals with a big scale design project such as univercity, community center, urban plaza and etc. in the scope of behavioral science. The major emphasis is on developing not only the design process but also the technique of prediction and evaluation of the final work.
ADD5026 Urban Design 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
According to the given planning program, the course leads to design practice which requires to systemize a spatial form of city or specific region. During the desugn process, the functional solution of urban space will be critically discussed on the basis of legal requirements and other importanct planning matters.
ADD5035 Advanced Study on History of Korean Architecture II 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
This seminar examines the ideational and theoretical validity of traditiional Korean architecture. The course intentions to reexperience the unique contents and themes in Korean architecture.
ADD5036 Advanced Studies on History of East Asian Architecre Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
An inquiry into the fundamental principles of traditional Korean architectural characteristics found in theory and practice with emphasis on the design discipline. The course will open to the Ph.D. students whose major concentration is architectural history and theory.
ADD5040 Environmental Psychology in Architecture 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
To improve the quality of the architecture and urban environment, it needs to be based on an adquate understanding of how people perceive and use the environment and the meaning it has for them. The objectives of this course are twoforld. First, an attempt will be made to provide the student with an understanding of the factors underling the relationship between human behavior and the designed environment ; second the student will be introduced to current environmental design research.
ADD5045 New Town Development 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
In this course, many considerable fields for the new town development planning, such as social, economical, transportation, land use planning and so on, will be analysed and evaluated with several cases of the inside and outside of the country. Major emphasis is both on examining the the appropriateness of further development of new town in the country, and on suggesting fittable model for it.
CHS7002 Machine Learning and Deep Learning 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master/Doctor Challenge Semester - No
This course covers the basic machine learning algorithms and practices. The algorithms in the lectures include linear classification, linear regression, decision trees, support vector machines, multilayer perceptrons, and convolutional neural networks, and related python pratices are also provided. It is expected for students to have basic knowledge on calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and python literacy.
COV7001 Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1 1 2 Major Master/Doctor SKKU Institute for Convergence Korean Yes
1) Learn the basic structure of academic paper writing, and obtain the ability to compose academic paper writing. 2) Learn the skills to express scientific data in English and to be able to sumit research paper in the international journals. 3) Learn research ethics in conducting science and writing academic papers.
DES4001 Convergence Capstone Design 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master Design Korean Yes
Various students from different majors, Design, Art, IT, Business, Engineering, and etc., are gathered to study the development of future new technology, services and creative design products. Also, they are processing the prototype of the study and supporting the application of effective ideas. The purposes of this study are to overcome the present level of studies' approaches and create new and innovative values and to acquire creativeness, Problem Based Learning skill, and ability to conduct Team Project.
EAM4014 Global Techno Management 2 4 Major Bachelor/Master 1-4 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering - No
The requirement and problem of the real technology in the industrial field are analyzed by inviting specialists and CEOs to learn the ability of solving the industrial problem. Also, management and commencement of an enterprise are studied.
ECA4406 Real Estate Development Theory 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 3-4
Civil, Architectural and Environmental System Engineering - No
This course covers general theories on real estate industry, including real estate market analysis and, technical, economical, and legal feasibility studies. Students will learn practical process of real estate consulting and problem solving skills regarding real estate development projects as construction specialists.