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Management of Technology (Professional Graduate)

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Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
COV7001 Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1 1 2 Major Master/Doctor SKKU Institute for Convergence Korean Yes
1) Learn the basic structure of academic paper writing, and obtain the ability to compose academic paper writing. 2) Learn the skills to express scientific data in English and to be able to sumit research paper in the international journals. 3) Learn research ethics in conducting science and writing academic papers.
ERP4001 Creative Group Study 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
This course cultivates and supports research partnerships between our undergraduates and faculty. It offers the chance to work on cutting edge research—whether you join established research projects or pursue your own ideas. Undergraduates participate in each phase of standard research activity: developing research plans, writing proposals, conducting research, analyzing data and presenting research results in oral and written form. Projects can last for an entire semester, and many continue for a year or more. SKKU students use their CGS(Creative Group Study) experiences to become familiar with the faculty, learn about potential majors, and investigate areas of interest. They gain practical skills and knowledge they eventually apply to careers after graduation or as graduate students.
ESM4050 Introduction to Smart Factory 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master Industrial Engineering Korean Yes
This course introduces Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factory. It covers the basics of smart factory, including backgrounds/concepts/core technologies/case studies/strategies and methods. The students will learn about the history and the manufacturing system of the future, and how to design, implement and operate smart factory.
ESM5030 AHP/ANP Seminar 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Industrial Engineering Korean Yes
This course deals with the new theories on the AHP and the ANP which give students abilities to apply to business practices. Particularly, the course focuses on interval estimation in the AHP, inconsistency issues, group aggregation, cost-benet analysis, combination with other methods.
ESM5109 Patents and Entrepreneurship1 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Industrial Engineering Korean,Korean Yes
The important issues and process of filing patents will be lectured in this class. Also, entrepreneurship using patents will be studied. The related laws will be reviewed, and actual case studies will be carried out.
ESM5121 UX Management 3 6 Major Master/Doctor Industrial Engineering - No
This course examines the concept and practical implications of User Experiences, particularly the life cycle of the UX, from how UX is designed and consumed to how it affects user behaviors. Students will learn the concept of experiences first, and then develop understandings on how human experiences are formed through cognitive process and on what types of experiences exist. The course will focus on UX management and strategies of companies in product and service designs in the later part of the course.
ESM5220 Advanced in Digital Twin and Advanced Treatment 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-8 Industrial Engineering Korean Yes
This course offered to understand backgrounds, basic theories, and applications, and technical issues of cyber-physical system, digital twin and advanced treatment by lectures and problem-based learning classes. - Product/Factory design and operation - Advanced treatment - Smart manufacturing and smart factory - Cyber physical system, digital twin
ESM5221 Advanced in Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Treatment 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-8 Industrial Engineering Korean Yes
This course offered to understand backgrounds, basic theories, and applications, and technical issues of smart manufacturing and advanced treatment by problem-based learning classes. - Product design and development, PLM, advanced treatment - Factory design and production operation, manufacturing engineering and information system - Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factory - IIoT, Smart Sensor, Cloud, Platform, Cyber Physical System, Digital Twin
ETM5002 Technology Strategy 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Focusing on problem of R & D activity in enterprise strategic dimension. Therefore, main substance that is handled in two subjects is studying with estimation of R & D and business strategy, R & D and strategy-planning, appropriation of R & D strategy, R & D and new business strategy, R & D and new product development strategies, R & D's organization, investigator's management, R & D's allocation of recources, R & D activity etc.
ETM5004 Management of Technology 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
This subject handles various theory and practical application about technical innovation administration. Main contents are Test of technical innovation process, R & D strategy, choice and estimation of R & D project, creativity management, study setup, patent administration, R & D project plan establishment studying
ETM5008 Technological Forecasting 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
"This lecture mainly deals with technology forecasting; how to do technology forecasting; how to apply it in specific decision situation; how to avoid some of the more common error; and difficulties in the preparation of individual forecast. Exploratory forecasting techniques such as growth curve, trend extrapolation, correlation methods, causal models are introduced. Scenarios, cross-impact models, relevance trees, application of technology forecasting in planning are also dealt with. "
ETM5009 Technology Planning 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Present concept and method about strategic technology plan and estimation to link strategy of R & D and formation effectively. Studying with extent of R & D strategy and establishment plan, know-how and market estimate plan, management by objectives about research and development, R & D's measurement and estimation plan in corporate strategy
ETM5010 Project Control 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 - No
Learn about the cost, schedule, quality level of customer satisfaction and risk management and efficient operations for successful project management Learn how to analyze the uncertain factors surrounding a company or project environment, anticipate the impact on a company or project, and proactively prepare to maximize profit and value from each other
ETM5011 Technology valuation 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Studying to evaluate value of a technology. Learn Technology Evaluation, technology valuation etc.
ETM5013 Organization Personnel Management 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Research and development more effective?formation culture studying that serve that propel efficiently. This study deal with how investigator motivation is higher, leadership, achievement management and evaluation.