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Mechanical Engineering

Location #22313, 3F, Engineering Building I
Address 2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (16419)
Telephone +82-31-290-5881~2
Chemical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering originated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, founded in 1966 and the Department of Machine Design, established in 1978. Both departments have produced over 7,000 mechanical engineers who have contributed to the national development of Korea and actively participated in industrial sites, the academic world, and research institutes, achieving excellent performances. Since the integration of the two departments as the School of Mechanical Engineering in 1996, it has continuously endeavored to develop institutions and educational conditions including education programs, educational environment, academic affairs management, departmental operation, and student management to the international level, through establishing its own development plans.


As a school with highly diverse faculty interests, we encourage innovation and creativity in multidisciplinary themes as well as core areas of mechanical engineering through our education and research programs. The school of mechanical engineering is committed to transmit and extend engineering knowledge for the betterment of the local society, the nation, and the global community.



Brief History of the School

Brief History of the School
2021. 06 Center for Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites granted with support from the National Research Foundation of Korea
2020. 09 BK21 FOUR: Future HRD Education and Research Center for Human-Centered Convergence Mechanical Solution
2020. 09 Department of Smart Power Engineering initiated as a Master course program contracted with public electric power companies
2017. 03 50th anniversary of School of Mechanical Engineering
2013. 09 BK21 Plus HRD Center for Human-Friendly Convergence System established
2013. 03 STP (Samsung Talent Program) initiated in association with Samsung Electronics
2010. 03 Secondary Battery Track with Samsung SDI and LG Chemical initiated
2008. 09 Digital Appliances Track and Digital Imaging Track initiated in association with Samsung Electronics
2007. 07 Aerospace Material Evaluation Lab designated as a National Research Lab
2006. 03 BK21 HRD Center for Convergence Mechanical System Design established
2005. 03 SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology established
2004. 03 Curriculum revised to reflect ABEEK standards
2003. 03 Three research teams selected for the second phase of Brain Korea 21
2001. 05
  • Smart Future Appliances Research Center established as a model of academic-industrial joint research center sponsored by Samsung Electronics Digital Appliances group
  • Microsystems Research Center established
2000. 09 High Efficiency Next Generation Energy Design Team and Mechanical Systems Research Team selected for the first phase of Brain Korea 21
Intelligent Microsystems Research Team designated for 21st Century Frontier Project supported by Ministry of Science and Technology
1998. 06 VISION 2010 for innovation of the school announced
1998. 03 ERC (SAFE) granted with support from National Science Foundation
1997. 06 Safety and Structural Integrity Research Center established
1996. 11 Samsung participated in administration of SKKU
1992. 03 DoME and DoMD merged to the School of Mechanical Engineering with a class size of 200 students Research oriented education established
1983. 03 Graduate program concentrated into 3 large areas
1981. 03 Class size Increased to a total of 338 students DoME Ph.D. program established
1979. 03 Moved to Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon
1978. 03 Department of Machine Design (DoMD) established
1966. 12 Department of Mechanical Engineering (DoME) established
1946. 09 SKKU Foundation established



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