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Global Smart City

For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
ADD4011 Contemporary Architecture 1 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-8 Architecture English Yes
Understand Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Background of the Contemporary Architecture(CA) by Analyzing Projects and Writings by Pritzker Prize (Regarded as a Noble Prize in Architecture Discipline) awarded Architects. Course Goal : Ability to articulate contemporary projects, architects, and styles based on global/ local issues, universal/ personal values, and historical/ technological agendas. 1. Understand Material Innovation in CA 2. Understand Neo-Modernist & Post-Modernist trend in CA 3. Understand Critical Regionalism in CA 4. Understand Issues of Sustainability in CA 5. Programs and Diagrams in CA 6. Structural Expressions and Digital Measures in CA 7. Theory / Practice / Role of Pritzker Recipients in CA
ADD4013 Contemporary Architecture 2 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-8 Architecture English Yes
This course is in English. The course covers major east-coast, mid-west, and west-coast cities in the USA Throughout the semester, the course will cover architecture and urbanism of Boston, New York, Chicago, and Seattle. The course will cover architectural and urban narratives and their physical manifestations between 1870~2020. Following are the seven key questions that the course will raise. 1. What causes the initiation of Contemporary Korea American City (CKAC)? 2. What is the role of Landmark Architecture during the growth of CKAC? 3. What is the role of Streets and Squares in CKAC? 4. What is the urban and Architectural Regeneration strategy of CKAC? 5. How does CKAC Record Time and Urban Narrative architecturally? 6. What is the role of Public Architecture in CKAC? 7. How does the Campus Architecture contribute to CKAC?
ADD5003 Theory of Architectural Criticism 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
A seminar devoted to the exploration of contemporary issues in archtectural theory and criticism. Selected topics studied during the term with emphasis on probing the philosophical and ideological foundations of current theories.
ADD5005 Architectural Design Project Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
Advanced level of architectural design studies by emphasizing the students' elaboration of personal ideas through complex design exercises, and by critically addressing the status of contemporary and urban throught discussion, lectures and seminars.
ADD5006 Architectural Design Project Ⅰ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
This course will preare students to understand the concept and the formation of design thesis. Emphasis on improvement of research capability and rational design based on the result of the study. Aiming the integration of design and research.
ADD5010 Professional Practice in ArchitectureⅠ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture English Yes
Combined field internship in an architectural firm to give a chance to experiance the real project. The course covers the studies on the design considerations in early stage of the studies on the practical design including buliding code, cost feasibility, work schedule, etc.
ADD5011 Professional Practice in ArchitectureⅡ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean Yes
Supervised experience relevant to specific aspects of architectural design in off-campus organization. Examines the basic principles of project development as well as the rolls of the various consultants. This course will provide students the capability of handling the drawings and other construction documents.
ADD5019 Theory of Urban Architecture Ⅰ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
This course is programed to make research both into the thoeries of architecture and urban form and into their design - cases which appeared through 17C to 19C in the history of western architecture. Also, the discussion will be extended to the topic of socio-philosophical back-situation which bought about these theories.
ADD5020 Urban Design Studio Ⅰ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
With selecting a specific site in the urban space, the course leads not only to design the spatial organization of buildings but also to examine the socio-cultural and environmental relationship between architecrure and urban space. Especially, through preparing a research report as a process of designing, the lesson will contribute to improve the skill of analytical interpretation of urban spatial structure.
ADD5021 Design Methods of Urban Space Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean,Korean Yes
Through applying the theory of architecture and city planning to the practical designing-cases, the lesson induces to deeper understanding of design process and planning theories. Especially it not only emphasizes on the with the seminar of discussing the theory itself.
ADD5022 Advanced Studieson on Urban Planning 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean Yes
The course introduces a professional planning method of urban space with proper case studies. It especially considers developing the skill of data analysis, programming and implementation methods in urban planning and design.
ADD5023 Environmental Design Ⅰ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
The course is to scientifically analyze human behavior within various environmental settings. With major emphasis on introducing several theories which relate with physical environments and human behavior, a small scale design project will also be provided.
ADD5024 Environmental Design Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture Korean Yes
As an advanced study of Envionmental Design1, the course deals with a big scale design project such as univercity, community center, urban plaza and etc. in the scope of behavioral science. The major emphasis is on developing not only the design process but also the technique of prediction and evaluation of the final work.
ADD5026 Urban Design 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
According to the given planning program, the course leads to design practice which requires to systemize a spatial form of city or specific region. During the desugn process, the functional solution of urban space will be critically discussed on the basis of legal requirements and other importanct planning matters.
ADD5028 Theory of Urban Architecture Ⅱ 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Architecture - No
The course introduces the methods of forming process of mordern city and architecture, and the several theories basing on current criticism. Especially it will discuss not the characteristics of social-environmental setting of 20 century, which are suporting critical viewpoint of the time but also the social philosophical perspective toward the next comming epoch.