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Water Resources (Professional Graduate)

Location #27212, 2F, Engineering Building II
Address 2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (16419)
Telephone +82-31-290-4785
Management of Technology

The Graduate School of Water Resources, Sungkyunkwan University was founded in 2013 for the pupose of cultivating talents in the field of water resources to cope with to the rapid growth of world water industry. The Graduate School of Water Resources, being operated with the financial support of the Korean Government, aims to build a new model of education in the field of water resources and cultivate professionals with global competitiveness.


GWI(Global Water Intelligence) has forecasted that 5.6 % annual average growth of the world water market shall be continued from approximately 480 billion dollars in 2010 to 870 billion dollars in 2025. As the water industry emerges as the blue gold industry, innovative technologies in relation to the water have been developed. Integration of the traditional water management technologies such as ICT, BT, and NT are accelerating. Not only the technologies but also the paradigms for water management are changing. Sustainable development and eco-friendly management of water resources are being stressed. We believe that postgraduate level education is essential to cultivate professionals who can integrate various water related disciplines to deal with the changing paradigms in water industry and water management under changing environment.


We would promise to make continuous efforts to produce global talents to lead the field of water resources home and abroad in the near future. Finally, we would like to ask for your interest, love and support for the Graduate School of Water Resources.



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