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Research Projects

In the College of Engineering there are Government Research Projects. These projects are supported by government organizations like the Minisitry of Education, Ministry of Trade, and Industry & Energy.


Another major stream of research funds comes from the Brain Korea 21 PLUS, which is one of the largest and longest standing government grant programs for the advancement of research and development nationwide. The objective of BK21 PLUS is to produce the next generation of world class leaders in various academic fields, by investing resources into academic and graduate schools and research organizations with long-term vision.


Now, there are 9 BK21+ programs in the College of Engineering.



Government Research Projects

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education
BK21+ BK21+ is a national human resources development project initiated to produce creative, masters and doctoral-level human resources that will lead the ‘Creative Economy of Korea’, and to promote creation of new knowledge and technology based on creativity.
  • ▶ Urgent need for development of creative, masters and doctoral-level human resources that will lead the ‘Creative Economy of Korea’
  • ▶ Need to establish creative university education and research environment by strengthening the role of the university, to become the hub for creating actual results.
NCRC National Core Research Center (Center for Human Interface Nanotechnology)


Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
ITRC AMOLED Center for Next Generation
SMARDI Smart Convergence Design Institute


Ministry of Education
  • Construction and Environmental Research Center
  • Institute for Green Built Environment



Brain Korea 21+

< Creative Convergence Institute for Chemical Engineers >
  • Department : Chemical Engineering
  • Director : Duk Joon KIM
  • The BK21 PLUS program offered by the School of Chemical Engineering at the Sungkyunkwan University is focused on developing human resources in the field of Energy & Bio research. Since the launch of the program in 2013, we have been making the best endeavor to provide specialized educations and training to nurture global leaders of next generation.


< Development Group for Creative Human Resources in Human-Friendly Fusion System Field >
  • Department : Mechanical Engineering
  • Director : Chang Sung SEOK
  • Through 'Open Innovation' and 'Open Collaboration': in order to be included in the global top 10 in Department of Mechanical Engineering by training researchers who study Human-Friendly Fusion System field. To nurture the creative global leader of Human-Friendly convergent systems through the virtuous ring structure; 'Creative Education'->'Global Research'->'Technology Convergent Industry-University Cooperation'


< Global Elite Cultivation (GEC) Center for Emergent Materials >
  • Department : Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering
  • Director : Jai Chan LEE
  • The ‘Global Elite Cultivation (GEC) Center for Emergent Materials’ aims at education and research leading to be ranked in the global top 10 for emerging fields of Materials Science and Engineering. To achieve this goal, the GEC Center for Emergent Materials provides center affiliated faculties and students with a variety of experiences, for higher education and infrastructure for the leading edge of scientific research. The GEC Center for Emergent Materials encourages and assists the center affiliated graduate students to achieve global senses and creative talents in their career development.


< ICT Convergence Management of Building and Infrastructures >
  • Department : Civil, Architectural and Environmental System Engineering
  • Director : Sun Kyu PARK
  • The project team is totally dedicated to the study and development of Building and Infrastructures IT and Energy Convergence Technology, planning and performance evaluation of facilities, and finally their maintenance and management, in an effort to aid the vitalizations of the domestic Building and Infrastructures industry, which will entail further progress in the technology of value-added Building and Infrastructures industry that thrives from Information & Communication Technology, ICT.


< Creative Technology of Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management >
  • Department : Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management
  • Director : Hong Sik YOON
  • The main purpose of this program is to provide the fullest possible development of interdisciplinary knowledge about disaster management based on 2-SS; "SMART" (Safety, Management, Advanced, Reliability, Tomorrow) and "SMART" (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)


< Global Frontiers of Eco-smart Water NEXUS >
  • Department : Water Resources
  • Director : Ick Tae YEOM
  • Through the BK21 Plus project, we will build an education and research system that aims to educate manpower that has a wide range of knowledge about efficient production / processing / distribution and monitoring system of water resources. We aim to achieve this goal of "Leading the Eco-smart Water NEXUS creative talent" by:
    • ▶ Development of efficiency improvement technology for water treatment (seawater desalination / water treatment / sewage treatment / sewage reuse)
    • ▶ Development of biological advanced treatment technology of the latest specified substance harmful to the quality of water
    • ▶ Development of monitoring technology to control water quality / quantity
    • ▶ Satellite data-based water circulation and climate change analysis technology