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Global Buddy

What is a Global Buddy?

The Global Buddy program is designed to help new International Undergraduate Students in University College as they adapt to Korean college life, and improves the global capacity of Korean students participating in the program.


  • Global Buddy Activities

    They can freely choose the areas of activity they prefer, such as study group activities for improving the academic skills of new foreign students (Korean, English, etc.) and an accumulation of global experience through exchanges with foreign students.

    • Language Exchange: Chinese, Japanese etc. with Korean
    • Academic Guidance: Guide Korean and English- Learning Assistant
    • Cultural Exchange: Cultural activity experience with international and Korean students participating as a team


  • Global Buddy Qualification for applying
    • Korean students who wish to interact with international students
    • Prefer Chinese, Japanese, and English-speaking students

International students who are  paired up with Korean students will be in their first-year
(TOPIK Intermediate level/ Chinese-speaking majority)

  • Global Buddy Activity Support
    • Acknowledged as campus community service (up to 20 hours), based on activity time described in the report


  • Global Buddies must do the following :
    • Meet more than eight times during the semester
    • Activity plan, activity report, etc. should be submitted


  • Inquiries : contact to +82-2-760-0774


  • Global Buddy Presentation Movies : Click Here
    • Humanities and Social Sciences Campus/ Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (Hee Chul NOH)