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Learning Community

What is LC (Learning Community)?

The LC (Learning Community) system is a basic unit of learning, education and college life for first-year students

Students are organized so that they take English courses & Software courses at least twice per week for two semesters, under LC activities. They have the opportunity to form friendships that can help them pursue their academic careers/ life during and after their first year, and when choosing their majors



About LC
  • Self-learning community organized for freshmen to support campus life systematically
  • A standard unit of study, education and lifestyle for freshmen
  • ‘SungKyun Mentor-FG-LC’ system helps freshmen to adjust to campus life and to complete their studies successfully
  • Promote communal spirit


LC Organization
  • LC group will be composed of around 20 freshmen in the same departments (usually from large departments in the University College) such as Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering Science
  • LC will be assigned by the University College’s Dean
  • LC will be assigned to students during freshmen orientation
  • LC team will be the same in both 1st and 2nd semester (you cannot change the LC team)


Regular Classes
  • Freshmen who are affiliated with LC have to take regular classes in the same place
Regular Classes
Semester Territory Subject Credit
First Semester Basic English English Writing 2 credits
Basics of Software Computational Thinking and SW Coding 2 credits
General Course FYE Seminar I 1 credit
Second Semester Basic English English Presentation 2 credits
Basics of Software Problem Resolution Algorithm 2 credits
General Course FYE Seminar II 1 credit


  • Every freshman is required to take ‘English Writing’ and ‘English Presentation’ subjects in 'Basic English Territory' and ‘Computational Thinking and SW Coding’ and ‘Problem Resolution Algorithm’ subjects in 'Basics of Software'.


LC Activity
  • Participate in LC program of University College
  • LC programs: Creative Study Group, athletic meetings, group academic guidance, major searching camp, Sung Kyun dream supporters, etc.
  • Participate in extracurricular programs in the university
  • Self-activity plan suitable for individuality and characteristic of LC
  • Best examplary case- Video (Click)