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Sungkyun Mentor

What is a SungKyun Mentor?

The university's 'SungKyun Mentors' are academic advisors whose role is to systematically guide the academic affairs of students, while supporting their campus life. Such a program helps first-year students adjust to college life as early as possible and supports them while choosing their “major” studies.


Specifically, a SungKyun Mentor is the following:
  • (1) Academic leader who guides campus life and provides academic information
  • (2) Learning manager who motivates academic work and suggests learning methods
  • (3) Academic advisor who helps to develop students' potential and improves decision-making ability
  • (4) Supporter who helps to set students' career and life goals
  • (5) Educator who searches for students' emotional and intellectual growth and development


Responsibility of Mentors

(1) Support for Adjusting to Campus Life
  • 1) Guiding Academic Affairs
    • ① Guiding the academic affairs system build-up and management
    • ② Student guidance data management
    • ③ Improvement of student satisfaction
    • ④ Counseling and guidance on a variety of the school registers (leave of absence, reinstatement, dismissal, etc.)
    • ⑤ Counseling and guidance about scholarships


  • 2) Guiding Registration for Courses
    • ① Guidance on course information
    • ② Arrangement for class schedules
    • ③ Management of credits


  • 3) Special Care: International students, Korean residents abroad, the disabled, low achieving students, school misfits, Jang Yeong-sil track elite students, farming and fishing community/ local students, students on a leave of absence/ returning students, vocational students, students who started studying late, etc.


(2) Major Exploring and Career Guidance
  • ① Meeting of Career or Major Information Session
  • ② Setting career goals
  • ③ Guidance about double and interdisciplinary majors
  • ④ Counseling and guidance about career and employment


(3) Academic Guidance and Counseling
  • ① Design for studying
  • ② Academic motivation
  • ③ Counseling and guidance about learning methods
  • ④ Counseling and guidance for the students who are put under academic probation
  • ⑤ Supporting and managing “Eokkaedongmu” (small group activity)


(4) Development and Operations of the Program Related to College Life
  • ① Operation and plan of the pre-college program and orientation for freshman
  • ② Publication of books (resources, guides): Mentor Manual, Course Introduction of the General and Basic Education Curriculum, Major Guide, Guide for Freshman, Annual Report on Mentoring Activity, Tips, etc.


(5) Research Activities
  • ① Monitoring worldwide trends on academic advising and participating in workshops
  • ② Report and presentation on mentor for specialized research


Contact Information

Humanities & Social (Seoul) Campus
Contact Information
Humanities Science Sector / Social Science Sector
Loacation: Hoam Hall 50215
Soon Yeun JUNG

Soon Yeun JUNG

Phone : 82.2.760.0774



Phone : 82.2.760.0773

Eun Young PARK

Eun Young PARK

Phone : 82.2.760.0772


Natural Science (Suwon) Campus
Contact Information
Nature Science·Engineering Sector Electrical and Electronic/ Computer Engineering Sector
Location: General Studies Building 51113
Jin Gyu SHIN

Jin Gyu SHIN


Sun Ho KIM

Sun Ho KIM


Seung Yeon MOON

Seung Yeon MOON




Reserving 1:1 Individual Academic Counseling
  1. By Computer: GLS - Areas of Counseling
    After reserving face-to-face counseling, students should visit their mentor
  2. By Smart phone (
    GLS - Student – Click possible dates for face-to-face counseling


Online Academic Guidance
  1. By Computer: GLS - Areas of Counseling - Q&A through the ‘Notice board’ and Counseling through letter
  2. By Smart phone (
    GLS - Student – Q&A through the ‘Notice board’