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History of University College

Sungkyunkwan University
1996 New academic system that allows students to choose their own majors after the freshman year is adopted
2001 Admission of students to a university is made more achievable due to large departments
2002 SKKU is selected as the Best University in General Education by the Ministry of Education
  • SKKU announces university development plan “VISION2010+”
  • University College program research committee starts operating
  • University College is incorporated
  • Son Dong Hyun is appointed as the first dean of University College
  • A symposium is held to celebrate foundation of University College
2007 Liberal Arts Educational Institute is established
  • Special facilities are built on both campuses (Hoam Hall of Seoul, General Studies Building of Suwon)
  • An International Seminar is held to celebrate 3rd anniversary of foundation of University College
2010 An International seminar is held to celebrate 5th anniversary of foundation of University College
2011 Yoo Hong Jun begins duties as University College’s 2nd Dean
2012 The subjects of general education are repealed
  • 2013 Sung Kyun Humanism Education Center is established
  • Category of Sung Kyun Character is created
2014 A symposium, about 'humanity, leadership and communicational education' in universities, is held
2015 A special project is produced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of foundation
(of University College)
2016 Category of Software is created
2019 Confucianism Humanity Education Center of University College won “2019 Korea Character Education Awards”
2020 Category of Sungkyun Classics & Creative and interdisciplinary design is created
2021 HONG Seung-Woo begins duties as University College’s 3rd Dean