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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Information and Communication Engineering


Everyone wants to be with and is proud of SKKU College of Information and Communication Engineering(CICE) The hot topic in Academic and Industrial community, and domestic and overseas is Fourth Industrial Revolution. The speed of development in Electronic and Electrical, Semiconductor, Communication, Nano and Bio is not also being accelerated in the level we have not experienced, but the fusion of the technique is also changed and devided into destructive technique which threats the traditional industrial system. If we prepare for and cope with this changes actively without fear, we will get an opportunity for the new leap for sure.


<Fourth Industrial Revolution> has already started, and in the middle of this, there is Information and Communucation Technology(ICT). SKKU College of Information and Communication Engineering(CICE) composed with 1200 undergraduate, 650 graduate students, and 65 faculties is striving for <raising up competent people> and <basic and applied investigation to develop high-technology> to lead <Fourth Industrial Revolution>.


Curriculum is purposing raising up competent people who has the ability to understand and apply the principle of the high-technologies related to ICT. By updating curriculum which fits today’s era continuously, we are raising up outstanding people with practical experiences who are needed by each enterprises as well as satisfying intellectual appetite of creative students.


In research field, SKKU CICE stands first to open the era of human-centered <Fourth Industrial Revolution> playing a leading role. We are making remarkable results in the basic and high-tech field which are leading <Fourth Industrial Revolution> such as Internet of Things ,Robot, Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductor, Bio-Electronic, Intelligent Power System and Smart Car. Currently, We are conducting international-level research projects with domestic and foreign leading organization with many national research center such as ERC research center and nation-dominated business such as BK and WCU attracted.


There is a human in the middle of education and research philosophy which SKKU CICE seeks. each of CICE member is always making an effort for education and research to develop and apply technologies to benefit person ultimately. SKKU CICE will be always pround.


Dean, College of Information and Communication Engineering (CICE)