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Study Abroad Programs

The College of Information and Communication Engineering (CICE) is ready to welcome students from all around the world who want to engage in study and research abroad experiences.


Students at international institutions that are partnered with SKKU are entitled to enjoy education and research through exchange programs and laboratory internships at CICE.



1. Exchange Student Program

The Student Exchange Program is for the students coming to the CICE from universities or institutions which have a valid student exchange agreement with SKKU. Typically, the program is administered on a semester basis and incoming students do not have to pay tuition fees to SKKU, instead they should pay fees to their home institution. Conditions of each student exchange program may vary depending on the programs, so please check with your home and candidate foreign institution in advance.


We gladly welcome incoming students to our college! We hold a “Welcoming party” for new exchange students at the beginning of each semester. Eating pizza, you can get useful information about SKKU, our College, course registration, Korean daily life and so on. During this event, exchange students can network with each.

Global Community Cultural Excursion

Also, our college has an event called; “Global Community Cultural Excursion” every semester for foreign students and professors. In order to let foreign fellows experience unique aspects of Korean culture, we have visited many beautiful and meaningful attractions. Since 2011, we have been to YongJooSa, to experience a Temple Stay, Seoul City Tour, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and the DMZ, to name a few.



2. Laboratory Internship

Students can join our laboratory internship program if their major interest lies in conducting research with our scholars. Our faculty members will be pleased to invite foreign students with passion for hands-on research experiences, strong interest in intellectual challenges, solid research capabilties, and openness to new cultures.


Every vacation period, the CICE operates the “Intern-Lab Program” for students from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and Jilin University in China, with the College of Software and the College of Engineering, at SKKU. While students are doing the intern-lab program, they can experience real laboratory life and study deeply about their major interest areas. Also, students have the opportunity to conduct research with postgraduate students at SKKU in the future.




3. Other Opportunities

There are a number of other opportunities for studying at the SKKU, such as the International Summer Semester, Korean Language Program, and Global Pioneer Spirit Walkathon.


On July 13th 2016, the 5th Global Pioneer Spirit Walkathon with the theme “Learn together, Walk together” began on July 13th. Our College invited Shanghai Jiao Tong University students to join this program, with 3 of the university's students participating in this event. Including them and students from Beijing University, the total number of students was 144. They walked together over 200km during 11 days, starting from SKKU Seoul Campus to the Go-Sung district.


If you are interested in joining our programs, please contact the CICE and we will help you contact the right office.