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Since the inauguration of the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1965, the community of electrical science at Sungkyunkwan University has experienced continued development and evolution until its recent establishment as the College of Information and Communication Engineering (CICE).


CICE has become one of the largest and the most innovative institutions in the nation. The CICE distinguishes itself by offering the most complete range of undergraduate and graduate programs with emphasizing fundamental principles of technological progresses.


The Undergraduate Program enables students to set a solid foundation in the fundamentals of electromagnetics, circuits, semiconductors, and computers early on in their academic career. Later, students will have a wider choice of electives, allowing them to specialize in a particular area. The various academic tracks are designed with respect to the demands of current industry for graduates to have practical and applicable skills upon entering the work force. This desire for practical skills was designed in tandem with the spirit of Accreditation Board for Electrical Engineering in Korea (ABEEK), in parallel to the ABET of the USA . The curriculum of the CICE is evolving with this trend and students are encouraged to take courses emphasizing the practical aspects of engineering. The Graduate Program covers broad areas of electronics, electrical and computer engineering which integrates information technology, nano-technology and bio-technology. The CICE is already widely recognized in the industry for its outstanding research achievements in areas such as intelligent robotics, cooperative communications, and power electronics. The graduate program of the school has strong industry interaction and has been involved in the development of state of the art technology for industry. It is considered desirable to expose students to the current state of these fields before graduation.


To this end, the CICE has hosted a number of University-Industry Cooperative graduate programs in the field of wireless communications, semiconductor displays and interdisciplinary programs like photovoltaic systems, which put a great deal of emphasis on meeting the requirements from the industry as exemplified by Samsung Electronics.


With world-class faculties and the best learning environment, students at SKKU can be engaged in the excitement of biotechnology and bioengineering. In addition to offering high quality undergraduate education, our college offers excellent graduate programs at the MS and Ph.D. levels. Graduates from our advanced degree programs are presidents of corporations, excellent researchers in industries, bureaucrats in related fields and professors.



Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Discipline Bachelor Master Ph.D Combined
Electronic and Electrical Engineering O        
Semiconductor Systems Engineering O        
Electrical and Computer Engineering   O O O O
Digital Media Communication Engineering   O O    
Semiconductor and Display Engineering   O O    
Photovoltaic System Engineering   O O O  
Energy System Engineering   O   O  
Human ICT Convergence   O      
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