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Global Biomedical Engineering

Location #86315, N Center 3F
Address Seobu-ro 2066, Jangan-gu, 16419, Suwon, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-31-299-4340


Education Objectives

  • Education Objectives
    • Complete a global-level research group through BME development (brain science development, bioengineering, medical equipment development)
    • Training of global creative leaders through fundamental research on life phenomena and causes of disease by introducing specialized education and research methods
    • Established as the cradle of fusion, the foundation for establishing the status of Sungkyunkwan University, understanding of new studies and developing the academic development
    • Educate students on creative research and design methods for creative ideas and experiments
  • Type of talent
    • Training as a leader in BME as an intelligent person with creative insight and expertise
    • Development of Converged Global Creative Leader with Basic and Applied Research Capabilities
    • To lead basic research in brain science, to identify functional biomolecules and materials, and to foster experts who lead the establishment of welfare states through the design and development of state-of-the-art medical equipment.


Guide and introduction

As the demand for high-level bio-health care continues to grow due to changes in the population structure and the improvement of living standards, future medical science will depend heavily on the development of engineering and medical devices, with the market expected to grow by trillions of won. Thus, while BME is already emerging as a next-generation core industry in each developed country, development of original technologies for value added generation remains at an early stage in Korea, focusing mainly on fostering medical device operation personnel rather than R&D.


In 2015, this school established the medical engineering department in undergraduate and graduate schools in order to accelerate the launch of the Global Leading University through fostering creative innovative human resources in the medical engineering field, and to solve future social/global issues through the establishment and development of academic units at the global top level, and to lead the domestic and foreign BME fields.


The medical engineering department of this school's general graduate school will foster the younger generation of students through biomedical engineering and biomedical engineering and biomedical education programs, secure excellent professors and jointly utilize the research infrastructure to promote human and physical resources in high-tech medical devices, biomedical materials, human and physical resources in the field, and cooperation with domestic and overseas leading research institutes.


Future vision and career

Korea's BME department is still in its early stages, and it has been researched for more than two years as the most promising jobs in the U.S. and is expected that BME department will emerge as a general and promising profession in Korea within the next year. The BME department of this school plans to divide the career field into jobs and research, and to continuously present a roadmap for advancement into post-doc, state-run research institutes and university professors, and full-time professors after graduation. Students who want to get a job will strengthen their industry-academic cooperation so that they can advance into global HME companies such as Siemens, GE. To this end, the government implemented an education system based on fostering graduate students' job competency and enhancing the field of regular education programs and cooperation between industry and academia in order to secure high job skills that can compete in the global society.