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Mission & Vision




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SKKU Institute for Convergence

IBS Research Centers

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Convergence Departments


Convergence Education and Research

R&E Clucter
Global Network


  1. 01. Create World-Class Research results in the field of Nano and Neuro Science
  2. 02. Develop multidiscoplinary education programs
  3. 03 Cultivate next-generation research cluster
  4. 04. Establish and improve a system to support academic administration for multidisciplinary departments







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■ Global Biomedical Engineering
■ Energy Science
■ Department of Energy



■ Energy Science
■ Global Biomedical Engineering
■ Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence
■ Biophysics
■ Future Energy Engineering
■ Future Policy Studies


SKKU Institute for Convergence

  • Vision : create a knowledge ecosystem of convergence R&E
  • Strategic Targets
    • Make results from large national projects
    • Strengthen convergence education capacity of graduate school
    • Discover and foster next-generation research groups
    • Develop academic administration and infra

Major subject of Strategy

First Mover of Education and Research
  1. 1. Excellent Results of National Prohects
    • High-Impact Research Results
    • Excellent annual and mid evaluation for IBS and BK21
  2. 2. Strategic Targets
    • Establish and use Graduate Education Accreditation
    • Develop and run the curriculum of convergence education
    • Establish future initiative academic units and strengthen the support
  3. Evolution of Administration Service & Infra
    • Establish systems of comprehensive undergraduate school and supporting research administration
    • Create an environment to immerse in study
    • Strengthen promotion of SKKU Institute for Convergence
  4. Next-generation Research Group
    • Run SungKyun PUSH Forum
    • Visualize convergence research results
    • Bring consistently excellnt research manpower