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About Us


Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

Korean Linguistic and Literature


The pledge of 600 years of Sungkyunkwan and 70 years of Korean literature


성균관대 국어국문학과 슬로건 이미지


The Department of Korean Linguistic and Literature at Sungkyunkwan University was established in 1946 and has been working through the ups and downs of Korean modern history for the past 70 years. The past trajectory of our department is small but also the history of Sungkyunkwan University's College of Literature, but it is also the 70th year of Sungkyunkwan University's newly started history as a modern university and the 70th year of Korean literature as a modern academic field.


The Department of Korean Linguistic and Literature at Sungkyunkwan University has led practical research covering literature and history, the study of Korean classics with two pillars of empirical and practical studies, the study of language and literature, the study of media, culture, and comparative literature, as well as contributed to social participatory creation and literary experimentation. Over 4,000 graduates have been active in various aspects of Korean society based on the culture and knowledge formed by universities. We believe that at the root of our department's achievements were enterprising and substantial lectures and research, students' vigorous internal and external activities, and serious and passionate grassroots organizations. In the future, our faculty, students, and alumni will continue to work together with Korean civil society and Korean studies units to continue their progress.


Recently, The Department of Korean Linguistic and Literature at Sungkyunkwan University has been focusing all its efforts on research and education to meet the needs of Korean civil society and international society. In addition to substantial education and research, we will lead to changes in Korean literature research and education by making the restoration of the social nature of humanities based on the spirit of change and sharing and the international co-cultivation of Korean studies talents through international networks. From history and tradition, we going to think about it here again and try to achieve it one by one. We ask for your continued affection and determination.


I'd like to end my greeting by quoting a poem by Kim Young-tak, a senior professor and an outstanding poet. "We trust each other, it will be one day in the future. / You will come here in search of thick memories. / You will pat the wall with your old hand / and have mature dew in your own eyes."


In the future, I will create a reliable department that is not ashamed to look back on a mature day.



Director of the Department of Korean Linguistic and Literature at Sungkyunkwan University