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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Liberal Arts


To Students of the College of Liberal Arts,

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) was founded in 1398 and is rooted in Sungkyunkwan, one of the best educational institutes of the Joseon Dynasty. Our College of Liberal Arts was founded in 1946 by the College of Literature and has a history spanning 70 years. Currently, it consists of the Korean Language and Literature Program · English Language and Literature Program · French Language and Literature Program · Chinese Language and Literature Program · German Language and Literature Program · Russian Language and Literature Program · Korean Literature in Classical Chinese Program · History · Philosophy and Library and Information Science Program. Moreover, it is composed of 7 interdisciplinary programs including comparative cultural studies. Also, 13 institutes such as Humanities Research and 71 professors provide educational services.

Through our diverse education and research in the field of humanities, our College of Liberal Arts successfully embodies a fully-fledged personality that broadly understands human beings and society. At the same time, we are dedicating ourselves to educating specialists with the skills and knowledge of humanities in order to achieve these educational goals. In particular, in 2016, Sungkyunkwan University was selected as the Initiative for College of Humanities' Research and Education (CORE), which has provided a strong foundation for the humanities and culture, with support through national finances of 3.4 billion Won each year for next three years (until 2018).

The purpose of this project is to develop a successive academic generation by responding to the social and economic needs of the humanities. To do so, Sungkyunkwan University set the vision of humanities in the field of practical facts. Its major strategies are human resource development, training of recruit-type personnel, training of human resources, systematicization of local language education, reinforcement of integrated type cooperation, and construction of R & E infrastructure of humanities science. We are dedicated to setting up strategic issues and puting them into practice.

From now on, Sungkyunkwan University will strive to become a fundamental basis for humanities education and research in order to lead the global era through various programs. To make this dream come true, your participation will be necessary. We ask for the active participation and collaboration of professors, students, and parents of our College of Liberal Arts.

Thank you.

Dr. Kyong Sok Lim  

Dean, College of Liberal Arts