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German Language and Literature

Location #31314, 3rd floor of toegye hall of humanities
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0291
German Language and Literature

The Department of German Language and Literature offers a variety of programs in German language, literature, culture and thoughts. Courses are open to majors and all interested students. The department offers the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy.

The department's goal is to provide students with a linguistic and literary facility to explore the significance of the cultural traditions and political histories of German-speaking countries in the EU.

The curriculum provides four different courses that are closely connected. The goal of the department is to cultivate German specialists by improving language ability and focusing on practical applied German. Students are given a global perspective with an understanding of european society.

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