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About Us


The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (established in 1967) is committed to analyzing various social phenomena related to communication. It deals with communication between humans, organizations, and on a broad level.


The program's competent faculty and scientific curriculum gives students a great opportunity to learn systematically about communication study. It also encourages students to become the central figure in society as journalists, broadcasting workers, or other communication related experts. Our department offers about 40 undergraduate courses and 50 graduate courses including Communication, Journalism, Media, Advertising, Public Relations (PR), and Cultural Studies.


Brief History of the Department

Brief History of the Department
1967 Establishment of Department (Chair: Dr. Eul Byoung CHANG)
1976 Establishment of Graduate School M.A. Program
1981 Establishment of Graduate School Ph.D. Program
1995 Launch of Research Center for Media, Culture and Contents
1996 Establishment of Journalism and Information - Communication
(Special Graduate)
2006 Selected as BK21 Global Cultural Communcatior Project
2014 Reselected as BK21 Plus Global Cultural Communcatior Project



Department in Detail

1. Admission Requirements

Master and Doctorial Degree program applicants must take an English test, and recieve more than 80 points out of 100 on the English exam. However, if they submit a certified English score over a specific level (above 800 points on TOEIC, above 689 points on TEPS, CBT 240 or more points, IBT 94 or more points), they shall be exempt from the English test.

In the case of foreign applicants, after obtaining above a six grade on a certified Korean test, they should submit documents of proof with their application.


2. Facilities, Resources and Funding

We provide a department office, library, video editing room, and content production room for students.


3. Scholarships & Funding
There are four scholarships for undergraduates :

(1) Academic Scholarship

(2) Alumni Scholarship

(3) Munhaeng Scholarship

(4) Kimgitae Scholarship


And three scholarships for graduate students :

(1) Simsan Scholarship

(2) BK21+ Scholarship

(3) Assistant scholarship




1. Reputation

Our program is one of the best communication programs in Korea. Our education program has been selected twice as the recipient of the Korean Government Fund for Commuication Education. The faculty members are world-renown researchers in their fields such as; mass communication, political communication, health communication, and PR.


2. Support for International Students

Our department offers various international language lectures aimed at foreign students as many international students apply for this major. Students will be able to communicate fluently with professors and new applicants are assigned academic advisers, who pay peculiar attention to helping students adjust to university life in Korea.

We have a variety of student organizations where undergraduate students can join to further pursue their academic aspirations. Specifically, there are study groups for film-making etc.