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Industrial Collaboration

Pharmaceutical Reserch Externship (For Undergraduate Students)

Korea United Pharm. INC (Vietnam Factory)
  • Period : 4 weeks during the summer vavation
  • Qualifications : 4th year students in the School of Pharmacy (Undergraduate)
  • Necessary documents : Application, Resume, Transcript (whole year), Transcript of Language Test (optional)


This coursework is a 4 week educational training program offered on-site in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries as well as other related public research organizations. Students are expected to get familiarized with the overall processes of research and development, including manufacturing, quality assurance, and marketing and research skills. The primary objectives of this coursework is to provide students with actual experiences they might face in the future, so that they can set out career plans themselves and become successful leaders in society.



Pharmaceutical Internship (For Graduate Students-Industrial pharmaceutical)

Pharmaceutical Companies / Government Agency
  • Period : 3-4 weeks during the summer vavation

For the vacation period-Achieve a short term internship in domestic and global enterprises related to pharmaceutical industries