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About Us


To understand the political phenomenon of a highly-complicated modern society against the backdrop of rising international interdependence, it is necessary to approach related subjects with professionalism and in a systematic manner. In this regard, this department has made efforts to interpret the recent changes in overall areas of social science from a political point of view. The course focuses on the fostering of professionals in various occupations who will practically lead social and political development. Those who already engaged in such professional occupations may utilize the courses offered by this department to obtain more professional knowledge of political lifestyles, and those who want to advance into this type of occupation in the future may utilize the programs of this department for preparation.



Department in Detail

1. Facilities, Resources and Funding

The department offers excellent research environments and supportive facilities for students. There are classroom spaces, labs, and computer rooms avaliable.

  • Lab (Graduate) : Hoam Hall 9F #50910
  • Computer Room : Suseon Hall 6F #61601
  • Library : SKKU Central Library


2. Exchanges and Partnerships

In the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, we select students who want to study abroad each semester.

  • Campus Asia Program: Peking University and Nagoya University
  • LMU Program: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU Munich)


3. Special Entry Requirements (Graduate)

There are no special requirements. The following requirements apply to all applicants for admission.

  • A bachelor’s diploma and good academic record
  • Required application documents (motivation letter, CV, etc.)


4. Scholarships & Funding

The department has many academically gifted and talented students for whom the awarding of a scholarship would provide the recognition of a job well done.


1) Routine Scholarships
  • Sim-san Scholarship (Graduate)
  • Mun-haeng Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Superior Grade Scholarship (Undergraduate)


2) Irregular Funding
  • Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Scholarship
  • Other occasional scholarships



Why Choose Us?

In 2016, the Department of Political Science celebrated seventy years of teaching, research, and public service within one of the nation’s finest universities.


Among the department’s many strengths, we have gained notable distinction in political theory, comparative politics (including the politics of developing nations), and international relations. The department’s greatest resource is its distinguished faculty. The faculty’s teaching and research continue to put the program at the forefront of its field. The strength of our faculty in each of the major sub-fields is being built with an eye to excellence, embracing a variety of approaches and methodologies.


The department’s primary goal remains focused on providing the best possible education for students seeking to develop an expertise in the field of political science, by instilling solid skills in research and analytic reasoning. Its programs are well suited to students who seek rigorous training, pursue large questions about politics, and aspire to develop strength in more than one field.


The department offers a graduate program leading to Ph.D., as well as a distinct undergraduate majors in political science.