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Government Research Projects
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BK21 Plus Project Integrated Global Lab for Training Creative Human Resources for Confucius Education & Research Prof.
Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy
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Global Business Institute for Creative Talents of Confucian Studies

  • Goals
    • To develop global-creative Confusion Studies curriculums that educate similarly global-creative minded students in Confucian fields of study.
    • With a modern reinterpretation of original goals of Confucian Studies, a synthetic learning and practical philosophy, and combining classical wisdom of Confucian Studies with various academic fields of the present, we enhance students’ ability and capacity to correspond and apply creatively to various global issue.
  • Research & Business Contents
    • We establish and manage new curriculums for applied Confucian Studies to build up competence of creativity, and manage various programs; global education programs, global camp, experience tour to overseas Confucian culture, international exchange students and support of global activities for outstanding students to build up global competence. We also manage programs for enhancement of basic competence; camps for major studies and connections with Yanghyunjae, and programs to develop competence of personality; classes in woods and field trip for Korean Confucian cultural sites.


Integrated Global Lab for Training Creative Human Resources for Confucius Education & Research

  • Goals
    • Train and educate master's and doctoral degree students to relaize their potential and lead the creative field in the economy, as a way of supporting the creation of novel knowledge and technologies based on such creativity.
    • Also to perform as the hub for creative atmosphere and ingenious outcomes of college education and studies.
  • Research & Business Contents
    • We take it as a goal to develop the Department of Eastern Philosophy in the College of Confucian Studies to a Top 5 global organization that can globally lead the field. The process is to firstly foster professional, talented individuals in Confucian Studies, secondly foster creative talents through education and research to fulfil social demand, and finally establish competence in research to accomplish qualitative enhancement of global research outcomes.