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Research Institutes

Institute of Legal Studies

Since 1986, the Institute of Legal Studies (ILS) has held national and international symposiums on legal issues of global comparative significance, frequently inviting scholars from abroad to present their newest research.

To disseminate current legal scholarships, the ILS publishes the Sungkyunkwan Law Review, one of the nationally recognized law journals of Korea. It also houses the Comparative Law Research Center and the Corporate Law Research Center.


Phone number +82-2-760-1288

Science & Technology Law Institute

The Science & Technology Law Institute pursues international collaboration on advanced legal issues related to science and technology. It analyzes advancements in science and technology with the aim of informing local lawmaking bodies about accompanying legal reform.

The Institute recently launched the Sungkyunkwan Journal of Science & Technology Law (Westlaw indexed), featuring articles in English by prominent legal specialists throughout the world.


Phone number +82-2-760-0767