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Institute of Legal Studies

Our legal institute was established in March 1986 as an affiliate of the College of Law. In March 1997, it was renamed the Comparative Law Research Institute, focusing on high-level comparative legal research of advanced legal systems. With the founding of the graduate law school in March 2009, we expanded and reorganized, adopting the name 'Institute of Legal Studies.‘


Throughout the years, the Institute has supported the research activities of members from the Sungkyunkwan University Law School and the College of Law, fostering substantial legal education. Through integrated research efforts that meet the demands of our time, we have enhanced our members' research capabilities and contributed to the development of Korean legal studies and culture.


Additionally, our publication, the Sungkyunkwan Law Review, was the first academic journal from a university-affiliated research institute to be selected as a candidate for registration by the Korea Research Foundation. At the end of 2006, it was successfully promoted to a registered journal.


The introduction of the graduate law school system directed legal research and education towards a new path. Shifting from traditional theory-based legal education to practical, hands-on training, we aim to advance legal education and open a new era of specialization and globalization. Accordingly, the Institute has since expanded to establish or accommodate other institutes, such as the Glocal Science and Technology Law Institute, the East Asia Law and Politics Institute, as well as the Digital Forensic Center, Chinese Law Research Center, and the Corporate Legal Affairs Research.


The Corporate Legal Affairs Research Center, in particular, plans to develop new educational programs and support external exchanges and activities under various industry-academia collaboration programs, aligning with the law school's strategy to specialize in corporate legal affairs.


We are committed to actively responding to contemporary changes in legal education through close cooperation with external educational and government institutions. This includes hosting international and domestic academic conferences by inviting renowned international scholars.


We appreciate your interest and ask for your continued support.


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Sungkyunkwan University Institute of Legal Studies