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Mission & Vision

Aims to Cultivate Skilled and Creative Sports Scientists and Physical Educators who:

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about scientific aspects of various sports phenomenon
  • Acquire problem solving ability based on critical and analytic thinking
  • Acquire a high level of sports skills that can be applied to real coaching/ teaching situations
  • Acquire relevant scientific information from various academic areas through a multi-disciplinary educational system



Recognizes the Needs of Sport Science, which are provided by our Nation and Society, as Follows:

  • Increase in the importance of sport activity and sport diplomacy, which strengthens the national competitiveness in the era of globalization
  • Increasing significance of sport activity, which can act as mediator contributing to the improvement of our nation’s health and welfare, and cultural welfare
  • Increased need of specialized programs that allow the fostering of professional leaders in sport science and sport industry due to the increased value of sport in the aspect of social, cultural, and economical values