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Sport interaction Science

The Department of Sport Interaction Science (SIS) was established in 2019 with the support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, to address academic and practical interests in sports and new technology.

The Department of SIS focuses on three different areas, including virtual reality, big data, and healthcare, by adopting interdisciplinary approaches of sports science, sports marketing, engineering, and software. The Department of SIS has the advantage of nationally recognized faculty and well-equipped research laboratories from both College of Sport Science and Software at Sungkyunkwan University.

The Department of SIS provides programs at master, Ph.D and combined master/ Ph.D level, and students are able to pursue either Sport Science or Engineering Degree based on their interest.


Department in Detail

Courses & Curriculums

(1) Pre-requisite Course

  • Course that students must take if they do not hold a bachelor’s degree in sports-related major or minor.

(2) Core Course

  • Course that all students should take to gain basic knowledge about sport interaction science.

(3) Track 1~3 Course

  • Course that students should take based on the Track they decide to focus during the SIS program.

(4) Project Course

  • Course that provides students for the opportunity to involve in real-projects from industry.


Courses and Curriculums
Pre-requisite course 1st Semester
(9 credits)
2nd Semester
(9 credits)
3rd Semester
(9 credits)
4th Semester
(9 credits)
Pre-requisite course that students must take depend on the major or the minor of the bachelor’s degree Sport Interaction Science Sport Cognitive Engineering XR Content Visual Design
Sport Experience Design Sport Infographic Sport Web Mining
XR Sport Science
XR contents Storytelling
M-Sport & Gamification
Principle of Sport Big Data
Sport Big Data Research
Sport Capstone Project
Sport Digital Healthcare
Sport Digital Literacy
Sport Industry Project
    Sport Research Project


Facilities, Resources and Funding

The Department of Sport Interaction Science (SIS) provides funding to all the students who received an admission for the program. In addition, the Department of SIS operates several research laboratories including Sport Marketing & Management Laboratory, Kinematics Laboratory, Biomechanics Laboratory, Excise Physiology Laboratory, and Sport Psychology Laboratory. The Department of SIS has also built a VR Sports Zone which has 5 virtual reality devices, eye-tracking device, and virtual golf simulator which was donated from GolfZone, to conduct research related to human-technology interactions in the context of sport.


Exchanges & Partnerships

The Department of Sports Interaction Science has a joint degree program with the School of Kinesiology at the Louisiana State University. The program allows students to pursue dual degree with LSU and participate in exchange program and be involved in a research collaboration with the nationally recognized faculties from LSU. In addition, the Department of SIS singed an academic-industrial cooperation working agreement (MOU) with several companies, such as Suwon KT Witz, Sports Convergence Industrial Support Center, and, GSMATT, to provide students real-working experiences, and to work collaborative research projects.



Why Choose Us?


The Department of Sport Interaction Science has the advantage of nationally recognized faculty who are highly dedicated to top-class academia research, excellence in teaching, and mostly importantly students’ successes. All of our faculty operates a well-equipped research laboratory and actively conducts research in the area of their own expertises. In addition, our faculty involves in numerous collaborative research with other faculties from top-class universities and a leading company in the field of sport interaction science. 


International Engagement

The Department of Sport Interaction Science not only has a joint degree program with the School of Kinesiology at the Louisiana State University, but also our nationally recognized faculty actively pursues collaborative research with other research laboratories from top-class universities from all over the world to conduct high impact research.