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SW-AI Students Education

DS training for non-major

∎ Realize creative convergence education by opening mandatory DS-based and optional DS-based courses
∎ DS-based courses provide "customized major" SW-AI education by diversifying the content and scale of lectures by college, department, and major
∎ The DS in-depth curriculum aims to increase the linkage of curriculum by major field by improving advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence convergence capabilities

Field Course Credits College
DS-based(essential) Computing Thinking and SW cording 2 All student of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Sports Science, and Medicine
Problem Solving and Algorithms 2
Engineering computer programming 3 Engineering
Programming Basics and Practice 3
AI Basics and Utilization 3
Data Analysis Foundation 3 ALL
Total 9 or 11 Engineering(11)
DS-based(Optional) The Basics of Machine Learning 3 AI certification subject
AI Capstone Project 3

※ The entire personnel cam, natural science, architecture, sports science, medicine, and pharmaceutical departments must complete the DS-based "Computing Thinking and SW Coding" and "Problem Solving Algorithm" courses, and the science and engineering departments must complete the DS-based "Engineering Computer Programming Basics and Practice."
※ The 'AI Basics and Utilization' and 'Data Analysis Basics' subjects in the DS-based area are mandatory courses. (Common)
※ The DS advanced area is optional and is recognized as a new AI certification item upon completion.
※ SW subjects such as "Computing Thinking and SW Coding," "Problem Solution Algorithm," "Engineering Computer Programming," and "Programming Basics and Practice" are assigned to the first grade, and "AI Basics" and "Data Analysis and Basic" subjects must be taken after the first grade.