Recruitment Policies & Procedures

Documents for Submission

Recruitment Policies & Procedures

Documents for Submission

On line applications

Periods for submission of documents and applying method ( On line applications)
  • Only online applications will be accepted. Submission in person or by mail will not be accepted.
    • Website of the Faculty Personnel Team
    • Website of SungKyunKwan university > Global Faculty Recruitment > Information on faculty invitation [Click]

Documents for submission (Substituted by online application)

  • Completed employment application form(GPA should be filled out)-- 1 copy (Faculty Pool System)
    • In case marking method of GPA is different, convert it into the scale of 5.00 as a full mark and fill it out.
  • List of research achievement --- 1 copy (Faculty Pool System)
    • The title of research, the title of journal, publisher, date and pages should be included
  • Self-introductory statement ---1 copy (Faculty Pool System)
    • Detailed area of candidate's major and the name of mentor of Master Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation should be included.
  • Recommendation Letter ---1 copy (via e-mail)
    • Recommendation letter from domestic or foreign university faculty or experts in the field of application.
  • Curriculum Vitae ---1 copy (Faculty Pool System upload)
    - Whole lifetime achievement included.

Matters to attended to

  • Candidates are responsible for false or incorrectly entered research achievement, dates of presentation, GPAs for degrees and any disadvantages caused by not preparing required documents. Employment will be terminated when any entered information is proven to be false.
  • Entered information can be corrected before the deadline. Information corrected after the deadline will not be reflected.
  • Private information and confirmation on application will be kept confidential. Please be careful when entering pin numbers, making sure to distinguish between capital and small letters.
  • Double applications for faculty employment are not allowed, and the applicant will be disqualified.


  • Meaning of 'the last 3 years' and 'doctoral degree'
    • the last 3 years : Research results suitable for application are confined to ones listed within the last 3 years from present.
    • doctoral degree : Doctoral dissertations will be recognized when candidates achieve it within the most recent 3 years from present. If one achieved doctoral degree within the last 3 years, he/she can apply with only one dissertation.
      (However, it is not included when calculating the qualifications for application (minimum standard for research performance)
    • Dissertations which go beyond the period above are not recognized as research achievement.
  • Only published theses or dissertations can be recognized
    • However, papers expected to be listed in international journals of rate A (AHCI, SSCI, SCIE etc) can be recognized by attaching a certification of listing from the editor-in-chief.
    • But it needs to be confirmed by the office of academic affairs.
    • Research achievement materials will be judged whether they are recognized when entered into our registration system.
  • Research achievement materials will be judged whether they are recognized when entered into our registration system.
    • How to enter : ex> the month of issue, 2021, July, the number of page 00~00 .
    • If you have any trouble entering information, please contact the Faculty Personnel Team (+82-2-760-1065)