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Education Applicants should have a doctorate in a relevant discipline at the time of application, or who are expected to earn a doctorate till the time designated (for Art majors, a master's degree qualifies). Applicants should not have any reason for disqualification under the private school law. Research Achievement * Applicant should b..
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Tenure Track Faculty [Tenure Tarch Faculty] Tenure Tarch Faculty Tenure Tarch Faculty Assistant Professor (1 Type) Assistant Professor (2 Type) Assistant Professor Tenured Associate Professor Full Professor Promotion Period Assistant Professor (1 Type) to Assistant Professor (2 Type) : 6 year,Assistant Professor (2 Type) : 4 year 4 year(3..
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SGRS * About SGRS * Guide to the Faculty Pool Information on Faculty Appointment * Faculty Categories * Tenure Track Faculty * Non Tenure Track Faculty (International Faculty) Recruitment Policies & Procedures * SKKU Personnel Policies * Open Recruitment o Procedures and standard for employment o Application Qualification o Documents for ..
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Faculty Pool registration (Pre-SKKFaculty Register) * 01An innovative System developed to recruit topnotch personnel. * 02To attract faculty members with expert knowledge, and professional teaching skills. * 03To increase the university's capability in teaching and research. Our previous faculty recruiting system was primarily based on op..
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* Sungkyunkwan University recruits selectively from around the world to build an experienced, committed and talented faculty. * To be considered for faculty position with Sungkyunkwan University, you must apply online through this website. * When Applying for open position, you should submit on-line application form on our recruitment sys..
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