Medical Procedures

Medical Departments

Medical Procedures

Medical Departments

Internal Medicine

Medical counseling and primary care for internal diseases
Issuance of  the primary referral
From 2022, clinic will be conducted twice a week during the semester and once or twice a week during the vacation.(July, August, January, and February)


Counseling for stress, anxiety, depression and panic disorder 
Issuance of  the primary referral
Clinic is operated once or twice a week. Please check the website for clinic hours for each campus or inquire in advance. (Reservation Priority)

Obstetrics & Gynecology (Only available in NS Campus)

Monthly counseling and treatment (eg pain control) of sexual and reproductive health care by a gynecologist includes a nurse. 

Our services include preventive education, menstrual issues, counseling on SRH(Sexual and Reproductive Health) issues and outpatient referrals. 

For reservations, please call or visit us (reservation required).

- Operating a breastfeeding room for maternity protection( in both Campus)



Oral examination, scaling, preservation and prosthetic treatments, oral health education, etc. are provided.
The examination is free.
If treatment(scailing, tooth decay treatment, etc.) is required, the treatment fee varies depending on the material.
(Our treatment fee is lower than outside hospitals.)

Counseling with Nurses

Health counseling, first-aid, and treatment appointments are available with the resident nurses.