Student Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup Appointment

Student Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup Appointment


  • Subject 
    ● University students (Bachelors and Graduate school, excluding completed students), students on leave, who have applied and paid for a medical checkup.
    ● Students enrolled before 2021 also need to apply and pay separately.
  • CostStudent Payment 30,000 KRW (If you want to get additional examination, you need to pay more fee.)
  • The checkup is possible only after payment of the health checkup fee (30,000 won) after application registration.
  • ① Apply on GLS → ② Make a payment→ ③ Web Questionnarie or Make a call(All required)
  • ①Apply on GLS

    GLS → Application/Graduation → Healthcare Center → Click [An appoinment for a medical checkup] → Check if the personal information is up to date → click [예약신청 / Apply]

    [And you can check the application details below.]


    Payment for each session can be made to a virtual account guided individaully (SMS/E-mail) during the payment period.

    (ex: 2/20 applicants can confirm their payment during 2/23~25, and fill in the hospital questionnarie after 2/28 )

    ③KMI Reservation

    You can select one.

    ① Filling in pre-questionnarie on hospital webpage. (Only Korean)

    ▶ Check the attachment for the detailed manual.

    (You can check foreign language questionnaire at the hospital.)

    Make a reservation on the phone. 1599-7070