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Notice & Service


Q-01. What are the requirements for admissions? view off

Q-02. How can I get the application form? view off

Q-03. What is a certified copy for school record? Is it necessary? view off

Q-04. Can I submit records of my college, instead of secondary school? view off

Q-05. What is a Korean sponsorship? Am I required to submit it?view off

Q-06. Can I know why I was not admitted?view off

Q-07. Can I defer my admission? view off

Q-08. What is a process for cancellations or leave of absence? view off

Q-09. Can I start my D4 application after my arrival? view off

Q-10. How can I apply to the SKKU residence? view off

Q-11. I missed my tuition payment due date. Can I have extension?view off

Q-12. Can I pay my tuition fee by cash or credit card? view off

Q-13. Do you provide financial aid to students? view off

Q-14. My current level is too easy/hard for me. Can I change it?view off

Q-15. Where can I get the textbook? view off

Q-16. Is there any benefit from taking a course in SLI when applying for degrees? view off