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Regular Course


Regular Course


Report to SLI for cancel or withdraw your registration and request tuition refund. Application fee/insurance fee is NOT refundable.

The amount of refund depends on the time of their cancellation application submission. Please refer to our refund rate and policy below.


1. Refund rate 

Period Timeframe Rate
Before Day1 - Full refund of tuition (100%) excluding the application fee

Month 1

First 8wks

First 20days

Day 1-7

2/3 of a monthly tuition + a full monthly tuition 

Day 8-10

Half (1/2) of a monthly tuition + a full monthly tuition

Day 11-20 A full monthly tuition 

Month 2

Second 8wks

Second 20days

Day 21-27 2/3 of a monthly tuition 
Day 28-30 Half (1/2) of a monthly tuition
Day 31 and after No refund

2. Refund policy

    • 1)  Refund time frame is from Day 1 to 38.
    • 2) Access and submit SLI Course Withdrwal form online (Google).
    • 3) Refundable amount is decided upon an application submission date. 
    • 4) For a refund to non-Korean bank account transfer charge is deducted and exchange rate are applied. 
    • 5) Refund process takes up to 2 weeks. 4-6 weeks for international wire transfer.
    • 6) For 2+1 Promotion program in Suwon, Session 3 is non-refundable when withdrawn.