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Regular Course


Regular Course


Report to SLI for cancel or withdraw your registration and request tuition refund. Application fee/insurance fee is NOT refundable.

The amount of refund depends on the time of their cancellation application submission. Please refer to our refund rate and policy below.


1. Refund rate

Refund rate
Period Timeframe Percentage of rate Deduction Refundable amount
Seoul Suwon
Before Day1 - Full refund of tuition (100%) excluding the application fee


1,600,000KRW 1,600,000KRW
Month 1 First 8wks First 20days Day 1-7 2/3 of a monthly tuition + a full monthly tuition - insurance fee

21,000 KRW


1,313,000KRW 1,313,000KRW
Day 8-10 Half (1/2) of a monthly tuition + a full monthly tuition - insurance fee 1,179,000KRW 1,179,000KRW
Day 11-20 A full monthly tuition - insurance fee 779,000KRW 779,000KRW
Month 2 Second 8wks Second 20days Day 21-27 2/3 of a monthly tuition - insurance fee 513,000KRW 513,000KRW
Day 28-30 Half (1/2) of a monthly tuition - insurance fee 379,000KRW 379,000KRW
Day 31- No refund   0KRW 0KRW



2. Refund policy

  • 1) Weekends, national holidays, and no-class days are not countable for refund time frame.
  • 2) Submit SLI’s official Refund Request Form and a copy of bank book to SLI office.
    (More papers are required for a foreign bank account)
  • 3) Refundable amount is decided when all requirements of 2) is completely submitted to SLI office. 
  • 4) Transfer charge and currency rate affect the final amount if the refund process is made by international wire transfer,
  • 5) Refund process takes up to 2 weeks. 4-6 weeks for international wire transfer.
  • 6) Full tuition amount excluding application fee is refunded if students cannot attend as their visa application is rejected.
  • 7) All above are effective from Session 5 in 2018.