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Regular Course


Regular Course


Sungkyun Language Institute offers two distinct admission tracks catering to students' specific objectives for studying the Korean language. Please review the following information and select the appropriate option between the General Track and the Undergraduate Preparatory Track.

The General Track is designed for students who wish to learn Korean for general purposes, while the Undergraduate Preparatory Track is intended for students aiming to pursue an undergraduate degree program at Sungkyunkwan University. Consider your purpose for studying Korean and choose the track accordingly.

While both tracks entail enrollment in the Regular Korean Course at SLI, the screening process, required documents, and application periods differ.

Category General Track Undergraduate Preparatory Track
Objective General purpose Preparation for Undergraduate admission
Screening Sungkyun Language Institute Screening Sungkyun Language Institue
& Admission Office Screening
Required Documents Required documents for
Korean language program screening
Required documents for Korean Language
and Undergraduate program screening
Application Fee 60,000KRW 100,000KRW
Tuition Fee 1,700,000KRW/session (Seoul)
1,400,000KRW/session (Suwon)