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Director's Greeting

About Us

Director's Greeting

"Innovation for Student Success"


Greetings to students willing to study Korean!
We would like to heartily welcome you to the Sungkyun Language Institute.


 Celebrating 621st anniversary of foundation years, the mission of Sungkyunkwan University is to be an innovative school for student success and create future value. In the light of this mission of SKKU, we have focused to the fullest, on supporting our students to grow up into a great addition to human society and the world.


 Compared to other program in this country, we offer 6 sessions a year. Our intensive program is more encouraging for those who prefer accelerated learning with many experiences. Moreover, we have devoted to course and textbook development, based on instructional methods accumulated by many-year experiences. Our instructors give their high interests in students, to the extent of students’ class participation and attendance. We proudly tell they are one of our best assets that assure our education quality.


 According to our statistics in 2018, we annually have 5,000 learners on average. As the Korean Wave gains more interest in the world, we foresee even more learners coming and have strived for raise our education quality. Other than our current regular program, we have been working on development of course and learning materials. Also, we keep monitoring our environments and state-of-art facilities which meet rapidly changing trend in education.


 Growing one of the national top language centers, we aim to contribute to improve Korean language education and play a key role in culture development over the global society.


Get involved in SLI today, and achieve your goals with us. We support your success as the first value.
Wish the best luck to your future always.


Thank you.





Sungkyun Language Institute