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Curriculum of Liberal Arts/Fundamental field

Credit system of Sungkyun Humanity/Liberal Arts/Fundamental Courses for International Students

A specially designed Sungkyun Humanity/Liberal Arts/Fundamental course curriculum is provided for international students to improve their learning abilities.(International students are exempt from fulfilling credits of each category in Sungkyun Humanity/ Liberal Arts/Fundamental)

  • Credit system of Sungkyun Humanity/Liberal Arts/Fundamental categories for students who entered SKKU via international student admission
Category Completion
Sungkyun Humanity Complete total number of credits in Sungkyun Humanity+Core Liberal arts category
Liberal Arts Core
Balance Complete total number of credits in Balance Liberal arts category.
Basic Complete designated credits for each major
Credit requirement of Sungkyun Humanity/Liberal Arts/Fundamental Courses for students joined from 2016 to 2019
Department Affiliated College Sungkyun Humanity + Core Liberal Arts Balance Liberal Arts Fundamental Courses Total
Humanities, Global Leader,Social Sciences, Global Economics,Business Administration, Global Business Administration,Education, Education in Classical chinese, Art Confucian Studies and Eastern Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Economics, Business, Education, Art 20 9 9 38
Natural Sciences Natural Sciences 24 53
Bioengineering 53
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Information and Communication Engineering 16 30 55
Semiconductor Systems Engineering 24 49
Software Software 24 49
Engineering, Global Biomedical Engineering Engineering, Institute for Convergence 30 55
Mathematics Education,Computer Education Education 20 15 44
Architecture Engineering 18 47
Sports Science Sports Science 9 38
Medicine Medicine 18 47
- Global Integration College 9 38

※ Students of College of Software joined in 2016

- For students of College of Software should take Fundamental Software courses(4 credits) and Basic Natural Sciences category courses(21 credits) among 50 credits in total

International Student Exclusive Courses
International Student Exclusive Coursesm
Category International Student Exclusive Course(credit) Remark
Sungkyun Humanity/ Core Liberal Arts Understanding of Coummuniation1(2)
Understanding of Coummuniation2(2)
Understanding of Creative Thinking (2)
Reading in Korean Media(2)
Document Writing in Korean(2)
Speech and Language Etiquette(2)
Understanding of Coummuniation3(2)
Understanding of Coummuniation4(2)
Academic Presentation & Discusion1(2)
Academic Presentation & Discusion2(2)
Thinking and Expression2(2)
22 International students can take either exclusive courses or general courses
Balance Liberal Arts Understanding of Human(2)
Understanding of Culture(2)
Understanding of Social HIstrory(2)
Understanding of Korean Culture(2)
Understanding of Korean HIstory(2)
Korean Society and Media(2)
Korean Culture and Language(2)
Guidance of Living and Career Development in Korea 1(1)
Elective FYE Seminar1(1) 1
Total 29 credits or more