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Leave of absence / Reinstatement

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Regular Leave of Absence Before Enrollment
  • A student can apply for a LOA until the final deadline for enrollment. (He/she takes a LOA without paying the tuition fee)
Leave of Absence During the Regular Semesters
  • LOA application shall be accepted by the end of the thirteenth week of a semester if he/she has paid the tuition fee. The paid tuition fee can be refunded and the refundable amount may vary depending on the application date. The student needs to pay full tuition for reinstatement later.
  • A student who has their application for the tuition fee installment program accepted shall be permitted to take a leave of absence after their tuition for the entire semester is paid.
  • LOA requests are not allowed for freshman or transfer students’ first semesters. However, exceptions may be approved if the reason can be certified by a legitimate medical practitioner at a 3rd tier medical institution proving that a student is unable to continue study or attend class longer than 4 weeks due to psychological, physical, or emotional discomfort or challenge.
Maximum Number of Regular LOA Semesters
  • A student can leave up to 2 semesters at a time.
  • Maximum number by degree: 6 (undergraduate, 8 for medical dept.) 3 (graduate, 4 for Master’s in Special Graduate School), 6 (Combined Master/Ph.D.)
  • Semester(s) for maternity and business start-up are not counted.
Maternity LOA
  • A student can take it for one year at one time, up to 2 times in total. One of the parents with a child under 8-years-old can apply.
  • A student needs to submit a medical certificate or a familial relation certificate to the administrative office.
  • Paid tuition can be carried forward to the semester of re-entry when a registered student files for a maternity LOA during the semester, in which case no additional fee will be invoiced. A student whose application for the tuition fee installment program is accepted shall be permitted to take a leave of absence after the entire semester’s tuition fee payments are made.
Business Start-up LOA
  • A student can take it for one year at one time, up to 2 times in total.
  • A student need to submit the related documents and a business proposal to the Research & Business Foundation for approval and then file a request to the administrative office.
  • ① Log in to GLS 
  • ② Click the "Application" menu in GLS
  • ③ Check VISA related notice for international students 
  • ④ Apply for LOA via GLS
  • ⑤ Check the result of LOA request
  • Since a student visa (D-2) will automatically be nullified in 30 days from the day of LOA, he/she needs to leave Korea before nullification of his/her visa.
  • If a student requests an LOA for Korean language study, he/she needs to apply for change in visa type from D-2 to D-4 within 30 days.

Reinstatement (Re-entry)

  • If an undergraduate freshman was on a regular leave of absence before selecting a major, he/she is only allowed to re-enter in the same semester he/she left in (LOA in the spring semester → Re-entry in the spring semester).
Registration After Re-entry
  • A student approved for re-entry needs to pay for their tuition and complete the course registration as scheduled.
  • Course registration can be completed before paying the tuition fee. Tuition should be paid by the 2nd tuition fee deadline.
Note for International Students
  • International students need to acquire new COA for re-entrance in Korea. COA request would be handled via GLS.

The admission certificate for a D-2 visa can be issued by the OISS.

  • If a student cannot re-enter after the expiration of the LOA, he/she needs to apply for a LOA extension, otherwise he/she can be dismissed.
  • If a student has reached the maximum LOA semesters allowed, he/she needs to re-enter immediately after the last LOA, otherwise he/she can be dismissed.
Application Procedure
  • ① Log in the GLS
  • ② Click the“Application” menu in the GLS.
  • ③ File a re-entry request.
  • ④ Check the result in 1~2 working days.
  • ⑤ Request "Certificate of Admission" via GLS.