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Campus Life


Humanities and Social Sciences Campus (Seoul)

Myeongnyunhaksa, which can accommodate about 1,700 Korean, foreign, undergraduate and exchange students living at Humanities and Social Sciences Campus at Seoul, consists of Korean student dormitories E-House, G-House and K-House and foreign student dormitories C-House, I-House and M-House and it also has rental studio apartments for male students.

Natural Sciences Campus (Suwon)

Bongnyonghaksa, a dormitory that can accommodate approximately 3,800 undergraduate and graduate students in the Natural Sciences Campus, consists of five wings: The House of Benevolence(Ingwan), House of Righteousness(Uigwan), House of Propriety(Yegwan), House of Wisdom (Jigwan) and the House of Integrity(Shingwan).