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핵,입자 및 천체물리

Theoretical Particle Physics Lab. Link

Prof. Yoonbai KIM

Research Interests

Supersymmetric Gauge Theory
Quantum Gravity
Strongly Coupled Condensed Matter Systems
Accelerating Universe

Research Methods

Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory
String Theory and M-Theory
Gauge/Gravity Duality

Astrophysics Lab. Link

Prof. Il Hung PARK

Research Interests

Astrophysics (Gamma Ray Burst with Space Missions)
Astroparticle Physics Experiments (Cosmic Rays)
Space Science (TLEs) and Development of Satellite Payloads
Space Semiconductor Device and Electronics

Research Equipment & Tools

Astrophysics: Gamma Ray Bursts with a series of UFFO space missions
Astroparticle Physics: Cosmic Ray Experiments with NASA’s CREAM, ISS-CREAM (NASA),
JEM-EUSO(JAXA/ESA) space missions and TA ground telescope array
Space Science: Extreme Lightnings from space with Russian satellites payloads
Space Semiconductor Technology: MEMS, next-generation photo-sensors, electronics, etc.

Theoretical Particle Physics Lab. Link

Prof. Phillial OH

Research Interests

Gravity and Cosmology
Black Holes and Quantum Gravity
Inflation and Dark Energy

Research Methods

Quantum Field Theory
General Relativity
String Theory and M-theory

High Energy Physics Lab. Link

Prof. Intae YU

Research Interests

Search and Measurement for Elementary Particles
Neutrino Oscillation Measurement
Radiation Hard Silicon Detector R&D

Research Equipment & Tools

LHC Particle Accelerator & CMS Particle Detector
RENO Neutrino Detector
VME Data Acquisition & Silicon Probe Station

Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics Lab. Link

Prof. Kyung Yuk CHAE

Research Interests

Study on the origin of basic elements
Understanding explosive stellar phenomena
Nuclear reaction measurements

Research Equipment & Tools

Radioactive Heavy Ion Beam Accelerator
Silicon detectors
Gas-filled ionization chamber

Nuclear Physics Lab. Link

Prof. Seung-Woo HONG

Research Interests

Nuclear reaction and structure
Detection and application of radiations
Neutron star and nucleosynthesis
Construction and application of nuclear data
Nuclear energy

Research Methods

Theories on nuclear reaction and structure
Quark model and nucleosynthesis models
HP Ge detector and gas detector
User-friendly nuclear data
Accelerator Driven System

Neutrino AstroParticle Physics Lab Link

Prof. Carsten Rott

Research Interests

What is our Universe made of ? What is dark matter?
Energetic particles - What is the origin of the high-energy cosmic rays ?
Physics beyond the standard model - Understanding the neutrino sector
Applied neutrino physics: What is the composition of the Earth’s Core ?

Research Equipment & Tools

Data analysis with world’s largest neutrino telescope IceCube @ South Pole
Optical sensors for next generation neutrino detectors
Neutrino and muon tomography(tomography)

Theoretical astro-particle physics and cosmology Lab. Link

Prof. Ki-Young Choi

Research Interests

우주의 진화와 물질의 관계 | Early Universe and Matter
암흑물질과 암흑에너지 | Dark Matter and Dark Energy
물질-반물질 비대칭성| Asymmetry between Matter and Anti-matter
다중진호 우주입자 | Multi-messenger cosmic particles

Research Methods (이론전공)

입자물리, 천체물리, 우주론 | Particle Physics, Astro-Physics and Cosmology
다중신호 우주입자 | Multi-messenger Cosmic Particle
우주배경복사, 우주거대구조 | Comic Microwave Background, Large Scale Structure

Experimental Gravitational Wave Research Lab Link

Prof. Kyung-Ha Lee

Research Interests

중력파 검출기 | Gravitational Wave Detector Science
다중신호천문학 | Multi-messenger Astronomy
분자구조 분석 | Atomic Structure Characterization
광학적 성질 분석 | Optical Property Characterization
서스펜션 기술개발 | Suspension Structure Development

Research Equipments & Tools

LIGO 중력파 검출기 실험 | Experimental research for LIGO detector
TEM/FIB: 회절을 이용한 구조분석 | Atomic Structure Analysis with TEM and FIB
다중신호천문학 | Multi-messenger Astronomy