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Ultrafast phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology Efficient energy conversion system in nature New approach by learning photosynthesis

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Thermoplastic/Thermoset Polymer Nanocomposites New and Renewable Energy (Supercapacitor/Fuel Cell) Eco-Friendly Sustainable Technology for Automobile Electroactive Actuators and Sensors Nature-Circulating Polymers and Composites Conducting/Semi-Conducting Polymers and Composites

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    Lab Energy Transport Lab


Optical properties of 2D materials Thermal conductivity of low dimensional materials Photo-thermal properties for IR detections

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    Lab CSI Agent


Reinforcement Learning, Embodied Agent, System Intelligence

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    Lab 주사투과전자현미경연구실


Uncovering atomic-level phenomena in material interfaces, surfaces, and local defects Real-space Imaging of physical properties of nanomaterials based on aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy Machine learning electron microscopy

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Synthesis of single-crystal 2D materials