Engineering - Industrial Engineering

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KANG, SEOKHO 사진 more
  • Associate Professor Data Mining
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    Lab Data Mining Lab

[Research Interest]

Data Mining Machine Learning Data-Driven Modeling

KWON, DAEIL 사진 more
  • Associate Professor Reliability Engineering
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    Lab AI-PHM (Prognostics and Health Management) Lab

[Research Interest]

Prognostics and Health Management

  • Smart IoT Sensors
  • Additive Manufacturing Reliability

  • LEE, JONG SEOK 사진 more
    • Associate Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis
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      Lab InfoScience Laboratory

    [Research Interest]

    Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Smart Factory Applications

    NOH, SANG DO 사진 more
    • Professor Manufacturing Engineering
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      Lab e-Manufacturing Lab

    [Research Interest]

    Modeling, Analysis and Integration of Manufacturing System, CAD/CAM, DM/PLM, Smart Manufacturing, CPS/Digital Twin

    PARK, JANGHO 사진 more
    • Assistant Professor Stochastic Optimization
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      Lab Stochastic Optimization and Learning Laboratory