• Professor Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interest

Quantum magnet, topological matter, correlated systems, Majorana fermion, spin liquid


  • Ph. D. degree in department of physics, RWTH Aachen
  • Diploma degree in department of physics, University of Cologne
  • Bachelor of Science in department of physics, POSTECH


  • Full Professor at Sungkyunkwan University
  • Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor at Chung-Ang University
  • Visiting scientist at PSI, Switzerland and RIKEN-RAL Muon facility, UK
  • Research associate at National High Magnetic Field Lab, USA
  • Research Assistant professor at Institute for Materials

Journal Articles

  • (2024)  Emergence of the isotropic Kitaev honeycomb lattice α − RuCl3 and its magnetic properties.  JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER.  36,  21
  • (2024)  Electrical Tracking of the Mott Insulating Kitaev Magnet using Graphene/α-RuCl3 Heterostructure.  ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS.  34,  16
  • (2024)  Effects of Na deficiency on spin dynamics in the Mott insulating Na4-xIr3 O8.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  109,  14
  • (2024)  One-ninth magnetization plateau stabilized by spin entanglement in a kagome antiferromagnet.  NATURE PHYSICS.  20,  1
  • (2023)  Kondo screening in a Majorana metal.  NATURE COMMUNICATIONS.  14,  1
  • (2023)  Engineering an atomic-level crystal lattice and electronic band structure for an extraordinarily high average thermoelectric figure of merit in n-type PbSe.  ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE.  16,  9
  • (2023)  Magnetic properties of a spin-orbit entangled Jeff=21 honeycomb lattice.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  108,  5
  • (2023)  Cluster-glass freezing and antiferromagnetic phase transitions in corundum structure Mg3−xCoxTeO6.  JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS.  577, 
  • (2023)  Weak-coupling to strong-coupling quantum criticality crossover in a Kitaev quantum spin liquid alpha-RuCl3.  NPJ QUANTUM MATERIALS.  8,  1
  • (2023)  Anomalous spin dynamics of the S=3/2 kagome ferromagnet Li<sub>9</sub>Cr<sub>3</sub>(P<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub>)<sub>3</sub>(PO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub>.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  107,  21
  • (2023)  Crystal growth and magnetic properties of the coupled alternating S=1 spin chain Sr2Ni(SeO3)3.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  107,  21
  • (2023)  Random singlets in the s=5/2 coupled frustrated cubic lattice Lu3Sb3Mn2O14.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  107,  21
  • (2023)  Cu<sub>3</sub>Te<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub>(OH)<sub>4</sub>: A Frustrated Two-Dimensional Quantum "Magnetic Raft" as a Possible Pathway to a Spin Liquid.  CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS.  35,  10
  • (2023)  Coexistence of random singlets and disordered Kitaev spin liquid in H3LiIr2 O6.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  107,  1
  • (2022)  Spin-singlet ground state of the coupled J(eff)=1/2 alternating chain system Sr2Co(SeO3)(3).  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  106,  21
  • (2022)  Planar thermal Hall effects in the Kitaev spin liquid candidate Na2Co2TeO6.  PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH.  4,  4
  • (2022)  Magnetic and spin-orbit exciton excitations in the honeycomb lattice compound RuBr3.  PHYSICAL REVIEW B.  106,  17
  • (2022)  Triangular Magnet Emergent from Noncentrosymmetric Sr0.94Mn0.86Te1.14O6 Single Crystals.  INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.  61,  48
  • (2022)  Tunable Ferroelectricity in Van der Waals Layered Antiferroelectric CuCrP2S6.  ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS.  32,  36
  • (2022)  Open-Framework Iron Fluoride Phosphates Based on Chain, Trinuclear, and Tetranuclear Chain Fe-III Building Units: Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties.  INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.  61,  24

Honors / Awards

  • Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researcher, Germany
  • LG Yonam Fellowship awarded by LG foundation, Korea