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Graduation Requirements

Our department is striving to become a cradle for producing global engineering leaders.

In order to acquire a master's or doctoral degree, all prescribed requirements must be met, such as registration, completion of credits, passing the thesis submission qualification test, and passing the dissertation review. For detailed conditions, refer to the curriculum system and thesis.


Curriculum Completion

구분 최소 이수 학점
석사과정 박사과정 석박통합
핵심 역량 3 - 3
기본소양강화 - 3 3
심화 9 12 18
연구프로젝트 및 현장프로젝트 3 6 6
합계 최소이수 15 21 30
수료학점 24 36 51

Mandatory completion of thesis writing method, research ethics and research safety management as prerequisite courses (online).


  • (1) Master's and Doctoral Combined is based on the master's admission period. In the case of changing to Master's and Doctoral Combined while enrolled in master’s degree, it is based on the master’s admission period.
  • (2) The above graduation requirements are first checked during the preliminary examination of the graduation thesis, and the possibility of achievement is finally checked during the final evaluation of the graduation thesis.
    If there are any deficiencies, the evaluation of the graduation thesis cannot be allowed.
  • (3) Credits earned in excess of core courses are recognized as advanced courses.
    • a. If prerequisite courses are imposed, the prerequisite courses must be completed separately. If a student majoring in an unrelated field get an admission, it will be charged at the beginning, so check with the administrative office.
    • b. Graduation credit requirements: Acquisition of completion credits or higher and average grade of B or higher (common requirements for College of Engineering)