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About Us


Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

The Department of Intelligent Robotics


The Department of Intelligent Robotics values all engineers who aspire to develop intelligent robots equipped with artificial intelligence that can become companions in our daily lives. Our department aims to cultivate talented individuals who strive for technological advancements and human values through scientific thinking, problem-solving abilities, and universal human values.


The Department of Intelligent Robotics at Sungkyunkwan University boasts globally recognized professors and researchers who have made pioneering contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. Our team's expertise in developing robot technologies is rooted in fundamental principles of robotics and AI, while also being innovative, a crucial element in advancing intelligent robotics research and cultivating skilled professionals who can utilize intelligent robots in their daily lives and workplaces around the world. We consistently refine our educational programs through active partnerships with both domestic and international artificial intelligence and robotics companies and institutes. Our dedicated efforts bridge the gap between industry needs and our ambitious dreams of making intelligent robotics a reality.


Intelligent robotics possess the potential to revolutionize the labor-based economic landscape of our society. The Department of Intelligent Robotics is committed to creating a future where robots coexist with universal human values such as dignity, freedom, equality, democracy, truth, and respect for human rights, instead of instilling fear of technological innovation. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of intelligent robotics that aligns with these values, and to promote a positive and ethical integration of robots into society as companions.


The Department of Intelligent RoboticsMOON, HYUNG PIL